Our Fragrance Museum Pieces At World Perfumery Congress

Pittsburgh, PA, USA June 17, 2016– Pittsburgh-based Alpha Aromatics Inc. displayed select pieces from its extensive collection of historical fragrance artifacts at the World Perfumery Congress in Miami Beach, Florida, June 13-15 2016.

“VP and Chief Perfumer, Roger Howell explains Alpha’s decision to fully dedicate its booth space to the exhibit. “We decided we wanted to serve the WPC by providing an interesting space where guests could mingle and enjoy a relaxing interchange and a glass of wine.”

Alpha Pays Tribute to the Rich History of Fragrance

“The mini-museum concept seemed like the perfect way to accomplish that. The response was overwhelming with many expressions of appreciation from the attendees.”

Alpha Museum

The items are just a part of the collection of Alpha’s president, Arnold Zlotnik, a 40-year fragrance industry veteran. Notably, Mr. Zlotnik launched Aromatic Technologies (AromaTech®, now Agilex®) in 1987. He sold his shares in the highly successful firm in 1998 before opening the doors of Alpha Aromatics Inc. and its 80,000 sq. ft. facility in 2000.

Explaining his dogged preservation of fragrance history, Mr. Zlotnik explains, “Fragrance is not just my job or position or vocation—it’s my passion. And I enjoy sharing that same passion with my peers and clients.”

Notable items in the exhibit included ancient perfume related pottery dating to 600 B.C.E., a porcelain bisque advertising statue from the mid-1850’s and antique copper distillation apparatus also from the 1800’s.

If you would like more information about this topic or a copy of the Museum Guide, please contact Roger Howell at 412-252-1012.

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