How Odor Control Additives Enhance Fragranced Products

Are your current odor neutralizing products not delivering on their promise to eliminate stink and malodorous conditions? If so, you’re not alone, as unwanted smells require the proper type of odor counteractive additives to make any air care product effective, and most perfume manufacturers and suppliers claim to be able to kill bad vaporous molecules, but they simply fall short.

While many companies may not realize it, the odor suppressant technologies utilized by our teams at Alpha Aromatics are just as complex as the expertise required to create a fragrance and is part of what makes us a leader and pioneer within the perfume and odor control industries.

When it comes to bad odors, there is always a detailed plan that is necessary to remove and/or control them. Many factors must be evaluated. These sources include: the type of surface affected by the odor; surrounding humidity; concentration; amount; and sensitivity.

Odor Controlling Additives For Scented Products

Our effective odor-control additives work in the same fashion as a stage crew fulfills its obligations behind the scenes of a viewing audience. Everything coalesces, seemingly like magic, to create a specific environment. With malodors, this first occurs in a laboratory setting to create the correct balance of scent and odor neutralizing additive and effectively achieve the goal of the scented odor-killing product.

When odor becomes a persistent problem that affects consumer’s homes, business or desired air care quality of life, many chemical companies have tapped into the need for solutions to serve this flourishing marketplace. This is more of a problem than a solution however, because while they all serve to control odor in one way or another. Specifically, certain additives are more perfectly suited for different sources of odors; and our diverse collection of odor neutralizers rises to every malodorous occasion.

Not All Odors Are Created Equally

It should be noted that malodors arise from a variety of sources including bacteria (spoiled food and body odor), fungus (mold and mildew), and vaporous organic compounds. When it comes to odor control, our perfume experts know that the secret to true odor control is to match the right deodorizing choice to the right product, effectively eliminating bad smells and maintaining a balance of pleasant aromas that are not overwhelming.

Effective Odor Control Products

Quite simply put — a successful product should effectively eliminate malodorous molecules while subtly infusing air with a pleasing and appropriate scent. The problem is every stinky situation is different; from household, industrial and institutional products, to pet care and specialty items — each requires a different type of odor control additive.

Odor Neutralizers Versus Air-Fresheners

The names are often used synonymously, and even though they both serve a similar general purpose, they are not the same. Air-fresheners can only provide temporary respite from a reoccurring malodor, which like the bad penny that keeps popping up proverbially, will always return in time.

Some companies that make air fresheners usually claim that their products are antibacterial or antimicrobial (requiring governmental registration). They may be, but odor neutralizers, aided by advances in industrial science, eliminate the vapor phase bad smells at a molecular level, killing them dead forever.

Even among odor suppressants, some are still better than others. Many contain water and perfume and depend upon on the potency of enzymes or biocides to create a microbial action that has no affect at all on vaporous malodors.

The strength of an odor neutralizer, such as Metazene, lies in its ability to cause a chemical reaction in which their molecules merge with the heavier malodorous particles lingering in the air. This action causes the heavier molecules to eventually sink and evaporate.

Selecting an odor neutralizer that is best suited to the needs of a specific product translates into taking the time to research what is out there and eliminate those that aren’t adaptable to your specific business model, and research will inevitably yield that Alpha Aromatics has the best and largest selection of odor-control additives found anywhere in the world today.

How To Select The Right Odor Control Additives

The Top 5 Most Effective Odor Neutralizing Additives

We are an undisputed leader in malodor control and we offer a wide array of weapons in the war against noxious smells.  The following are some of the most effective methods of odor suppression in the modern market place, and they each are commonly used in household, industrial and institutional products, topical personal care and specialty items.

1) Metazene – The King Of Vaporous Odor Neutralizers

The King Kong of odor neutralizers, this colorless liquid with a slight scent of witch hazel has been around since the late 1940s, but early efforts to prepare it were thwarted by its volatility. It took many years to perfect a concentrate that was stable and pure, but today Metazene is an odor control weapon unlike any other found anywhere in the world. Chemically, the Metazene bonds with malodorous molecules, which changes their electron patterns, canceling their properties through hydrogen bonding, atom formation (adsorption) and encapsulation.

Metazene as well as Meelium and dual action Duo-2-O, has many vapor phase applications including; air-fresheners, aerosols, non-aerosol pump sprays, passive air-fresheners; candles, wicks, gels, plastic; plug-ins and auto novelties. It is utilized in an enormous array of household, industrial and institutional products and applications that include besides those listed above: cleaning products (bathroom floor, tile sink); portable toilet odor control products; trash bags (scented and non-scented); laundry products, air-fresheners and carpet shampoos, odor control products for waste water treatment plants and landfills among others.

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Metazene is the best choice when the end goal is a product that is both clear and colorless. Metazene is safe for use on most fabrics and surfaces but should always be tested beforehand to insure suitability.

2) Meelium – The Vapor Phase Suppressant

This scientifically-developed deodorizing concentrate neutralizes odors in the vapor phase. It is a chemically stable compound that when diluted, disperses through the atmosphere in the form of a fine mist. It is the only additive of its kind possessing these deodorant qualities. It is available in both oil and water-soluble versions and tests reveal that its deodorizing ability completely eliminates cooking, smoking and other malodors. In a similar fashion as Metazene, Meelium is also very effective in many vapor phase applications.

3) 4-O-DOR (N-Soya-N-Ethyl Morpholinium Ethosufate)

A multi-purpose, water soluble, natural compound derived from soybeans, this surfactant (any substance which tends to reduce the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved) is designed to eliminate many odors while simultaneously providing odor neutralization to a wide range of household and personal care formulations.

Fragrances For Personal Care Products

It is often used in skin care and fabric products. It offers skin-safe odor reduction for extensive application in specialty products including: cosmetics, deodorants, hair care and removal items, industrial and institutional products, fabric fresheners, wastewater treatment and pet shampoo, skin and odor items.

4) DUO-2-O (Metazene Combined With 4-O-DOR)

This is the first dual action odor neutralizing additive ever produced. Blending these two compounds creates a versatile amalgam that reduces odor by combining both vapor-phase and direct contact solutions. Derived largely from natural ingredients, some common Alpha Aromatics applications include: air-fresheners, fabric care, pet and odor products, wastewater treatment, cleaning products and other industrial and institutional applications.

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5) ZRX™ Series For Fabric, Surfaces, Hair And Skin Products

Derived from castor seeds, this series of five surface action applications is used in fabric fresheners, laundry products, carpet cleaners, pet odor sprays, bathroom sprays, bathroom cleaners and other products.

They are broken down as follows:


This is for topical use for skin care products such as cosmetics, natural deodorants, sticks, sprays and roll-ons, soaps, body sprays, natural cleansers, hair care such as shampoos, and pet-coat and skin care items.


This application is safe for laundry products, pet odor control, industrial fogging, water soluble paints and coatings and air-fresheners.


This alcohol and solvent soluble compound is very successful as an application for paints, resin solvent-based formulations, aerosols and cleaners.


This additive is known primarily for its ability to form stable and clear water soluble formulations.


This water soluble formula stands alone as an odor neutralizer. 

Creating The Most Effective Odor Control Additives

We are one of the leading creators and purveyors of the largest line of odor control additives and custom scents for a myriad of fragranced products and have maintained our leadership and served many industries faithfully for decades. 

Our perfume masters are a major force within the perfume industry and our products are used for fragrances in almost every industry under the sun. Some of our natural creations are used in a multitude of scented applications, which include: cosmetics, personal care and beauty care products. Our ingredients are safe, sustainable and pure, and our scents are superior to all others in the modern market place.

Our edge over our competitors is largely due to our unique, in-house Technology Center, which is situated in the heart of suburban Pittsburgh, PA, and boasts 80,000 square feet of space. In addition, our team of experts work in laboratories that are equipped with the best state-of-the-art tools that money can buy, including the latest advances in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and head space analysis.

In the words of company president and CEO, Arnold Zlotnik (pictured below), “We have a long-standing, well-earned reputation for creating skin-safe, organic and natural ingredients used in products ranging from perfumes, cosmetics and body sprays to organic and hair care products. We offer innovative ingredients and solutions that work for every application from soaps, lotions, skin and hair care products and just about anything that needs a unique, tailored olfactory experience.”

Arnold Zlotnik With 2017 Stanley Cup

As a pioneer in fragrance creation and scent branding, our manufacturing process is fully certified, providing the consumer with complete confidence in our natural fragrances and the quality of our selected essential oils. We stand proudly behind all of our products, which far exceed industry standards, and we take great pride in the integration of green into all of their formulations.

So call our team today and let us harness the power of our odor control additives to solve your company’s malodor problems forever.

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