Why Choose Us As Your Fragrance Designer And Supplier?

Quite simply, our mission is to design, create and supply the world’s finest, high quality scents one fragrance at a time, all the while meeting the guidelines and quality standards set by The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM), International Fragrance Association (IFRA), Oregon Tilth, International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), the Natural Products Association (NPA) and the International Organization of Standardization (ISO).

Read on to learn more about our company’s rich history in the fragrance marketing industry, our credentialed team members as well as our dedication to both meeting our client’s needs and minimizing our carbon footprint, or contact our team today for any of your, your brand’s or your company’s needs.

Who Is Alpha Aromatics?

We are an ISO 9000:2015 certified, internationally renowned fragrance manufacturing company who’s routes were born during the trying aftermath of World War II. Our focus, which has remained unchanged for the last seven decades, is to build great scents that build great brands.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are known for our ability to transform the vision of any enterprise into an unforgettable olfactory communion between products and consumers that is certain to inspire brand loyalty.

Our secret to enduring success is barely a mystery at all. We showcase contemporary brands and help to build consumer loyalty both with the creation of our vast array of uniquely blended scents and our unswerving business strategy, which is unilaterally focused on meeting the dynamic needs of the global perfume industry marketplace.

Our fine synthetic, natural and organic fragrances have been and continue to be integral to an endless array of personal care products, household cleaning products, private label brands, candles and diffusers, fragrances for home, fragrances for away from home, industrial air fresheners and designer customized perfumes. We also offer the world’s most diverse and effective vaporous odor-controlling additives.

The powers-that-be behind the scenes at Alpha Aromatics are made up of the skills, dedication and acumen of our degreed perfumers, quality assurance executives and our compounding, production, sales and customer service team members, all of which are led by President and CEO, Arnold Zlotnik. We are proud to say that most of our incredibly talented and dedicated team members have been with the company for decades, and we are equally proud to say that more than fifty percent are, and always have been, women.

Roger Howell Vice President Alpha Aromatics

As Vice President and Chief Perfumer of Alpha Aromatics, Roger Howell (pictured above) is the creative force behind the expansion of scent development and manufacture of new creations and applications, and every day finds him in the lab tweaking formulas and testing fragrances. He trains our entire staff, including perfumers, lab technicians, sales staff, and customer service in perfumery.

In the words of Robert Pappas, Ph.D., President of The Essential Oil University, “Roger Howell is an excellent perfumer with a solid grasp of chemistry. His creative skills are top notch and he’s just an all around nice guy to boot. The industry needs more professionals like Roger.”

Roger, Tim George (Vice President of New Account Development) and our many other amazing team member’s efforts were recently featured in a local ABC news piece about the power of scent. Give it watch, or read on to learn more about our founders, a few of our key team members and nd what makes us one of the most favored scent designers in the industry.

Roger’s story with Alpha Aromatics began almost forty years ago as a graduate chemist, when he entered the wrong building in search of a job. His quest mushroomed into a dynamic perfumery profession that has taken him all over the world.

No ordinary perfumer, he wears many hats and has built from scratch several perfuming sectors; handling all aspects of scent composition, creativity and regulatory matters. His immense expertise has been profiled in industry magazines and he serves as a board member for the American Society of Perfumers and has been a members of both The World Perfumery Congress and the Organic Trade Association.

In his own words: “We enrich the environment around us with some of the most respected, innovative and prestigious scented product brands in the market place. We also strive to inspire artistic and scientific creativity while priding ourselves on adhering to the highest levels of perfumery ethics and regulatory standards in the world.”

Arnold Zlotnik is the founder, president and CEO of Alpha Aromatics and has 40-plus years in the fragrance and air-care industry. He has dedicated his life to nurturing and developing Alpha Aromatics into the global leader it is within the modern perfume industry.

Arnold Zlotnik President Alpha Aromatics

Prior to forming Alpha Aromatics, Arnold was the original founder and largest shareholder of Aromatech (now Agilex Fragrances, Inc.), which he later sold. He has since built Alpha Aromatics into one of the leading perfume manufacturing fragrance supply companies and thanks to his creative passion and dedicated staff, the range of designer fragrance compositions Alpha produces now accommodate the demands of a myriad of diverse industries that include in addition to fine fragrance and skin care cosmetic applications, the production of scents for candles, diffusers, ambient scent branding products, fragrances for the home, vaporous odor neutralizing additives, private label brands, industrial air fresheners, household cleaning products and fine, customized perfumes.

John Zuppo III brings an extensive amount of experience, expertise and visionary leadership as President of Alpha Aromatics, strategically positioning the company for sustained growth and innovation in the fragrance industry.

John Zuppo III President Alpha Aromatics

With a proven track record in business and chemical manufacturing, Zuppo exemplifies exceptional strategic planning, operational excellence, and market acumen. His profound passion for the perfume industry, coupled with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, designates him as the ideal leader to steer Alpha Aromatics towards a new era of success.

Bryan Zlotnik is a graduate of International Business from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and works directly with Roger and Arnold on all daily operations. As Vice President Commercial, Bryan also travels the world in search of securing the highest quality essential oil producers, to provide Alpha’s many diverse clients with the purest, unadulterated fragrances. Bryan has adeptly transitioned Alpha Aromatics to meet the evolving demands and needs of today’s contemporary marketplace and actively works to create a positive company atmosphere and work-life balance for all of Alpha’s employees.

Bryan Zlotnik Alpha Aromatics COO

Lisa Vasko — Known for her signature voice and friendly demeanor, Air-Scent International and Alpha Aromatics Customer Service and Sales Manager, Lisa is a 29-year air care market veteran. Her unique and unparalleled experience with commercial air freshening and odor control systems, has made her a valuable resource for clients desiring to boost their route service profits with innovative Air-Scent products. Lisa has personally led hundreds of companies on the road to market success by assisting them in selecting and implementing product programs best suited to their business and customer base.

Lisa Vasko Alpha Aromatics

Mary Beth Howard joined the Alpha Aromatics team in January of 1985. Throughout her 30-plus years as a part of the Alpha family, she has worked in just about every company department including customer service, order entry, billing, accounts payable and more. Eventually, after studying under the tutelage of Roger Howell as well as partaking in his Basic Understanding of Perfumery program, she moved into fragrance compounding and production planning, where her passion now lies.

Mary Beth Howard Alpha Aromatics

In her own words, “It’s exciting to work for a leading fragrance manufacturing company. It’s rewarding to see how each of the scented products we design and create provide beautiful fragrance experiences for people the world over. Working at Alpha has been a great experience, and one I look forward to continuing for years to come.”

Jeffrey Coulter, Sales Executive

Born locally in Oakmont, Pennsylvania and a graduate of Penn State University, Jeffrey Coulter joined Alpha Aromatics in 2019. He has brought an incredibly diverse and unique set of skills to our sales department.

Jeffrey Coulter Alpha Aromatics

Jeff’s diverse experience spans many industries, which includes 6 years working within the golf industry, 9 years within in the Florida real estate industry, 8 years in sales within the staffing industry, 2 years focussed on the import and export of aroma chemicals within the flavor and fragrance industry, and now he is a key Alpha Aromatics Sales Executive with a focus on identifying business opportunities and building and maintaining successful relationships with existing and potential clients. When needed, Jeffrey also acts in a customer service capacity within our manufacturing facility.

Send us an inquiry or call to speak with our team today (412) 252-1012.

Our Professional Affiliations

The power of who you know cannot be underestimated in business and we are a well known bird-of-a-feather among the best of the best within the perfume industry. One of our most prestigious allies is The Natural Products Association also known as NPA. In continuous operation as an industry watchdog since 1936, this is the oldest, non-profit organization dedicated to the natural products industry.

Some other important professional affiliations include:

  • ISO 9000-2015 Certified:  International Organization of Standardization (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 164 national standards bodies. Through its members, it brings together experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges.ISO PRI Programs Accredited
  • The Society of Cosmetic Chemists: Also known as (SCC), the Society of Cosmetic Chemists is New York-based research foundation dedicated to advancements in cosmetic science.
  • The International Fragrance Association: IFRA represents global industry interests and promotes the safe use of fragrance.
  • The International Sanitary Supply Association: Alfred Richter founded this international association of more than 9,000 companies in the professional cleaning industry in 1923. ISSA today is considered the global expert on cleaning and maintenance for all types of commerce and industry. Its many members include: distributors, manufacturers, manufacturer representatives, building service contractors, in-house cleaning professionals, residential cleaning professionals, and associated service firms.
  • Research Institute For Fragrance Materials: RIFM is a nonprofit corporation that was founded in 1966. Its purpose down through decades remains unchanged; to gather and analyze scientific data, engage in testing and evaluation, distribute information, cooperate with official agencies, and to encourage uniform safety standards related to the use of fragrance ingredients.
  • Women In Flavor and Fragrance: WFFC was founded in 1982 by women and for women working in the perfume industry. It provides networking opportunities, education and support systems.
  • National Candle Association: Headquartered in Washington, DC and founded in 1974, this major trade association represents candle manufacturers and their suppliers situated throughout the United States. Their mission is to serve their more than 100 members by promoting safe products and a healthy industrial environment.  This organization is recognized as the leading authority on candle manufacturing, science and safety.
  • Oregon Tilth: Founded in 1974, this organization began as a fringe movement spurred by the burning need to make agriculture sustainable and equitable. Alpha Aromatics relies on their certification of organic fragrances to guarantee their use of essential oils meets their impeccable standards. The company is known far and wide as “the cradle to grave of organic oil growing and extracting.”

If you have any SDS and regulatory requests, please fill out our SDS request form, or call to speak with our sales representatives at (412) 252-1012, or internationally at (800) 295-5261.

Why Are We The Perfume Industry’s Best?

Our continued success within the perfume industry is no accident. We invest heavily in the most innovative scientific tools and the laboratories in our expansive 85,000-square-foot Pittsburgh Technology Center are equipped with state-of-the art innovations, such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, head-space analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology. Coupled with our need to always be the best we can, the approval of our clients determines our own level of satisfaction, whether large corporations or small enterprises.

We Care About Our Carbon Footprint

Our technologies are and always have been sustainable, and they reflect our love and respect for our planet. The legacy we are leaving for our grandchildren has always been a major concern for Alpha Aromatics, even long before it became fashionable and politically correct to think so. Having five degreed chemists on staff and two in quality control, we are bound by our strict ethics and regulatory standards. All of our products are fully tested before shipment and our safety regulatory staff control the disposal of all chemicals and chemical containers.  Any containers disposed of are completely cleaned and labels removed before recycling.

We Are Pioneers In Scent Branding And Scent Marketing

With Roger Howell at the helm, our team of talented chemists regard the creation of any scent as a highly sophisticated and customized art form requiring meticulous detail and complexity. In order for scent branding to be effective, the chosen fragrance must mirror the message the company wishes to convey to its client base. The development of a “scent identity” is achieved via innovations in the field of industrial science and the ever- present hand of technology.

Scent branding on the surface may seem to be as natural and easy as placing a moth before a flame, but enticements and allures to specific scents and their seepage into consumer perception and behavior is not natural and requires consummate skill in order to appear so. It is the quintessence of gentle subliminal indoctrination, promoting both brand acceptance and loyalty. It is a skill based on scientific knowledge, as we at Alpha Aromatics know very well that 75% of all human emotion is triggered by smell.

We Help Clients Define Their Brand And Increase Business

Our clients are as diverse as America’s many populations and cultures and they represent a myriad of industries. These include but are not limited to: perfumery brand managers and owners, private labels, cosmetic scientists, soap makers, product development scientists, skin care formulation chemists, packaging technologists, candle reed diffuser manufacturers and the aspiring entrepreneur looking to launch their own perfume.

Via our scent marketing division, Air-Scent International, our uniquely designed scents can be found wafting through hotels; salons and spas; gyms and fitness centers; casinos; conference centers; schools and universities; showrooms; hospitals; banks, funeral homes, retail environments and a endless array of other commercial interiors.

Our clients, which are some of the most prestigious in the world, come to us to create that elusive, one-of-a-kind fragrance that will whisper their specific message in a language more compelling than words.

Our fragrances command attention and help to cement consumer and brand loyalty. Our range of products are expansive, versatile, and dynamic, and they reflect the needs of all industries located anywhere in the world. In the words of Roger Howell: “…We are helping the world understand our cutting edge capabilities… our unique position in the industry and our vast capabilities that reach across all fragrance applications.”

So send us a message or call our team today and discover the olfactory magic we can create for your company and that all-important bottom line.