Scents For Cosmetic Scientists, Brand Managers And More

Brands are born, developed and nurtured within the halls of our laboratories, and we love flexing the most powerful muscle in our arsenal; namely, our sense of smell. We create a vast array of exceptional scents every day that both showcase modern brands and build consumer loyalty. With a rich history of operation, an evolving business strategy is integral to our enduring success, which is always focused on meeting the dynamic demands of the global marketplace.

Who Is Alpha Aromatics?

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are a world-renowned fragrance company. Our customized scents are developed and revered by some of the most respected companies across the modern ‘brandscape.’

Our mantra, which is to build great scents that build great brands, has remained unchanged since our inception. We are experts at translating the vision of any company into fragrance terms that will engage, inspire, attract and evoke action among consumers.

Custom Fragrances For Personal Care Product Lines

We blend organic, natural and designer fragrance compositions to accommodate the ambient branding needs of many diverse industries ranging from personal care products, candles and diffusers, fragrances for home, odor neutralizers, private label brands, industrial air fresheners, household cleaning products, hand sanitizers, fine customized perfumes and a vast array of other products and product lines.

We also offer the widest, most effective selections of molecular odor-control additives on the market today.

An American Perfume Manufacturer And Supplier

Each day, we touch the lives of our customers who hail from every corner of the world. Our success has evolved from both our intense understanding of industrial science and our sense of perfection. We are never satisfied with our creations until our customers are, and we are always expanding our knowledge and expertise to meet the complex creative and supply demands of our clients.


Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the art innovations, such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, headspace analysis, distillation, extraction and quality control technology. Our sustainable technologies reflect our love and respect for the environment, and we understand the responsibility and importance of our carbon footprint and the legacy we are leaving for future generations.

In the words of Alpha Aromatics chief chemist and fragrance magician, Roger Howell, “We enrich the environment around us with some of the most respected, innovative and prestigious scented product brands in the market place. We also strive to inspire artistic and scientific creativity while priding ourselves on adhering to the highest levels of perfumery ethics and regulatory standards in the world.”

We Are Masters At Scent Marketing and Scent Branding

Scent branding is deeply anchored in the world of industrial science and the many advances in both the study of the physical world and technology. Our chemists at Alpha understand the subtleties behind developing a scent identity. Their highly skilled chemists and researchers regard fragrance creation as an art form that is complex, customized and highly detailed.

Every scent is a unique amalgam that will not work unless it reflects all aspects of the business (or brand) in question. This translates into a fragrance that mirrors a company’s history, customer goals and the desired emotional response of the targeted audience to the chosen scent.

The Alluring Science of Scent Marketing

Scent marketing draws customers to a brand in the same way that a bee is attracted to a colorful bloom. The proper scent quietly and subtly transforms consumer perceptions. It is a very unassuming phenomenon that subliminally grants the consumer “an invisible key to the driver’s seat” and further promotes the essence of a company brand.

Alpha Aromatics Sensory Marketing

Scents subtly generate emotion and positively impact consumer behavior that seeps into memory and create a bond to a particular brand. This usually correlates with more time spent in a store or establishment resulting in more sales.

Scientifically speaking, smell is the sense that is most linked to memory formation and recollection because it is processed by the limbic system of the brain, which controls memory and emotion. Marketing studies reveal that 75% of all our emotions are triggered by smell.

The Industries We Service and How We Help Increase Business

Our clients come from many different industries, including decision makers, perfumery brand owner and manager, purchasing managers and directors, business development managers, sales managers, brand coordinators, product developers, cosmetic scientists, skin-care development chemists, packaging technologists, inventory and logistics controllers, senior chemists, soap manufacturers, product development scientists and more.

They all seek our services to painstakingly create, layer by layer, an entrancing, and one-of-a-kind fragrance that speaks its own exclusive language to all those who enter their commercial enterprise.

If you’re anyone of the above, don’t hesitate to submit an inquiry or call to speak with our team today at 412-252-1012 / Int: 800-295-5261 and begin building a one-of-a-kind, customized fragrance for your product or product line.

In Keeping With Being A Fragrance Manufacturing Innovator

In keeping with being a leader in our industry, we have stepped further into the digital territory with the recent launch of our new, mobile responsive website. The design of this new website is automatically adapted to mobile devices and is integral to a comprehensive initiative that caters to both standard and niche applications. Ours is a broad, evolving, versatile brand portfolio that reflects our ability to meet the needs of all industries located anywhere in the world.

According once again to Roger Howell: “Our customers already know our commitment to market trends, creative fragrance concepts and regulatory support. Now we’re helping the world understand our cutting-edge capabilities. Our new site showcases the many facets of our company. It represents the company’s growth, our unique position in the industry and our vast capabilities that reach across all fragrance applications.”


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