Odor Neutralizer Additives For Commercial Products

True Odor Neutralizers

Smell is and always will be a part of the human condition. So put that little piece of truth under your nose and sniff it! Many people don’t realize that odor control and removal is just as specialized and creative a field of endeavor as fragrance creation, even though it might seem that it shouldn’t be.

Companies spend millions of dollars annually in an effort to making things smell better everywhere, and over the years, the many advances offered by modern technology have improved the power and versatility of odor neutralizers. However, odor removal remains a complicated topic with many overlapping factors that work in tandem to remove and/or control bad smells. These include: concentration, sensitivity, amount, age, source, humidity, and the type of surface affected by the odor.

With malodors so prevalent, there are many odor neutralizers on the market today. In fact, almost every chemical company in the world offers odor-eliminating products, and even though they all serve to counteract or counterbalance odor, they are all different and some work better than others.

So how does a company sort all of these options out and select an odor neutralizer that best suits their needs? The answer lies in taking the time to research the diverse odor control additives and eliminate those that aren’t right for your particular product or situation.

You might intelligently ask why an odor neutralizer is better than an air freshener, as in many instances, the names of the two products are used interchangeably and both products serve a similar purpose. But alas, they are not the same. The difference between them is that an air freshener only masks an odor that is certain to return when you least want it to surface, while our odor neutralizers eliminate the odor completely at its molecular level with a little help from science.

Many odor neutralizers on the market contain water and perfumes and rely on enzymes to rid odors. While enzymes are said to produce a microbial action, this method is ineffective for residual or vaporous odors. Truly effective odor neutralizers create a chemical reaction, which merges with the unpleasant odor lingering in the air. The reason the simple combination of baking soda and vinegar work so well as natural odor neutralizers is because of their acid based reactions.

Human beings are conditioned to expect their surroundings to smell pleasant, and rightfully so, but bad odors shouldn’t merit raising a stink about. Make life smell fresh again. Call us at Alpha Aromatics. We are amply armed in the battle against bad odors with the strongest, most effective arsenal of odor counteractants in the marketplace, which include the following weapons:

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Green Leaf Icon For Metazene Odor NeutralizerContains 60%-75% natural components.
Metazene Vapor Phase Odor Neutralizer

Metazene® (99%OS-80%OS-WS)

Recommended uses: Vapor-phase applications including, air fresheners, aerosols, non-aerosol pump sprays, passive air fresheners, candles, wicks, gels, plastics, plug-ins, solids, auto novelties.

  • Odorless. Oil soluble (OS), Water soluble (WS)
  • Best choice when clear, colorless final product is desired
  • Generally safe for use on most surfaces and fabrics (Always test
    for suitability.)

Green Leaf Icon For Meelium Odor NeutralizerContains 50%-80%natural components.
Meelium Vapor Phase Air Care

Meelium® (100%OS-60%OS-WS)

Recommended uses: Vapor-phase applications including, air fresheners, aerosols, non-aerosol pump sprays, passive air fresheners, wicks, gels, plastics, plug-ins, solids, auto novelties.

  • Oil soluble (OS), Water soluble (WS)
  • Pleasant distinctive character; test in finished product for
    possible color variation
  • Test finished product on surfaces and fabrics

Green Leaf Icon For 4-O-Dor NuetralizerNaturally derived from soybeans.
Skin-Safe Odor Reduction Agent

4-O-DOR ™ For Skin Care And Fabric Products

N-Soya-N-Ethyl Morpholinium Ethosulfate

Recommended uses: Skin-safe odor reduction agent for use in cosmetics, skin care products, underarm deodorants, hair care products, air and fabric fresheners, pet coat and skin products.

  • Drop-in replacement for Forestall™*
  • Cationic with inherent softening and antistatic properties
  • Naturally derived from soybeans

* Not affiliated with Croda®, manufacturer of Forestall®

Green Leaf Icon For DUO 2ODerived largely from natural components.

Vapor Phase Dual-Action Odor Neutralizer

DUO-2-0 ® (Metazene® + 4-O-DOR™ Combined)

Recommended uses: Odorless. Combines BOTH vapor-phase and direct-contact odor reduction in one versatile compound. Use in air fresheners, fabric care, cleaning products, pet odor products, industrial and institutional products, wastewater treatment.

  • The first dual-action odor neutralizer additive
  • Contains Metazene® odor neutralizer with N-Soya Morpholinium Ethosulfate

Green Leaf Icon For Odor Control AdditiveCastor seed based.
Odor control additive ZRX SERIES

ZRx™ Series For Fabric And Hair And Skin Products

Recommended uses: Surface-action applications including, air fresheners, aerosols, non-aerosol pump sprays, passive air fresheners, candles, wicks, gels, plastics, plug-ins, solids, auto novelties.

  • OZ-Rx-N™: Skin safe for use in spray and roll-on deodorants, cosmetics, hair care, soaps, pet coat and skin.
  • Z-Rx-30™: Air fresheners, cleaners, laundry products, pet odor control, water soluble paints and coatings, industrial fogging
  • Z-Rx-50™: Alcohol and solvent soluble. Paints, resins solvent-based formulations, cleaners, aerosols (replacement for TEGO Sorb®**)
  • Z-Rx-20/Clear™: Forms stable and clear water soluble formulations
  • Z-Rx-PC20™: Stand alone odor neutralizer

** Not affiliated with Evonik Industries, manufacturer of TEGO Sorb®


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