Fragrance Manufacturing For Candles And Reed Diffusers

Discover The Power Of Fragrance To Build Your Candle Brand

Whether you’re looking to add a spark to a new candle or diffuser line or to create a custom one, we combine compelling scents that turn your candle products into stellar, memorable brands. Fragrance is by far the most important characteristic influencing candle purchases. Our fragrance creations will place you at the forefront, touching emotions with our visionary aromas and delighting consumers all over the world.

According to the National Candle Association, an estimated 75 to 80 percent of all candles sold in the United States are scented. Annual retail sales are estimated at approximately $3.2 billion. The link between fragrance and the building of commercial brands is deeply enmeshed in the power of scent to connect with the brain’s limbic system, where emotions and memories are stored. 

In creating a customized candle or diffuser line, it is the compelling power of fragrance that influences consumer intention more than any other factor. In the words of Roger Howell, master perfumer at Alpha Aromatics:“We know how important branding is for the continued growth of our clients’ product lines, and we pride ourselves on building scents that build great brands.” 

The candles and diffusers as well as the many other products infused by the memorable fragrances created by the expert perfumers at Alpha Aromatics represent a skillful blending of scents that speak to a company’s brand identity, marketing message and target audience.

Building a brand by utilizing fragrance is the best way to insure an increase in traffic, brand loyalty and that all-important bottom line. Kelly Kovack, co-founder of Purpose Built, a personal care and branding firm in New York states: “Fragrance can be a tremendous platform to extend the reach of a brand…By connecting with a consumer through the senses [a scent], a brand has the opportunity to trigger memory and emotion, fortifying the brand’s connection in the consumer’s mind.”

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High-Quality Formulated Fragrance Ingredients

As a leading manufacturer of custom candle fragrances, we know that not all fragrance oils are created equal. We use only the highest quality ingredients that are specifically approved and compatible with candle use. There are two types of scents that are designated specifically for candles; namely, fragrance oils (synthetic) and essential oils.

Fragrance oils are created by scientific methods, but they are derived from many aromatic natural ingredients such as essential oils, resins and absolutes. They are safe, cost-effective and provide a much wider spectrum of fragrance than essential oils, which are distilled from the oil of the plant from which they were extracted. 

Essential oils are typically much more expensive, and prices can fluctuate based on weather, crops and the trade relationships between countries. While they do effectively release a good initial “throw” of fragrance, they provide very little scent when they are burning in a candle. It also requires a greater quantity of essential oils to equal the potency of a fragrance oil. They are 100% natural, but they are not sustainable scents for candles.

Our master perfumers are dedicated to designing and creating the world’s finest scents while simultaneously complying with all standards established by the watchdogs of the industry. These include: The Research Institute For Fragrance Materials (RIFM), International Fragrance Association, (IFRA), Oregon Tilth, International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and The Natural Products Association (NPA). Our strict adherence to regulations propels our expansive health and safety research on the raw materials used in all our fragrances, all of which is conducted at our suburban Pittsburgh 85,000-square foot facility.

The Odor Neutralizing Advantage of Metazene

We have the most diverse array of odor neutralizing additives for every commercial product use. Our odor neutralizing additive, Metazene, is the first true molecular malodor neutralizer utilized in odor control candles and diffusers.

Odor Control Additives For Scented Products

Metazene’s unique oil-soluable formulation blends well with most oil soluble formations and performs well in the usage range of 3-5% in finished products. Even more, Metazene will not be affected by the heat of a candle and has been used by many multinational candle and producers manufacturers worldwide. Learn more about our odor neutralizing additive options, or contact our team today for any of your candle or diffuser fragrance needs!

Explore Our No-Flip Reed Diffuser Technology

Reed diffusers offer a subtle yet very complex method to wrap a home or office in a favorite scent. They are swiftly becoming among the best alternatives to candles because they are absolutely flame-free. Unlike candles, they do not require any heat and disperse scent into the air naturally via a process known as capillary action, which occurs when a liquid’s surface comes in contact with a solid. Many reeds are made of wood, rattan or plastic, and because wood is not porous and has limited absorption capacities, once the oil penetrates the reed, it begins to lose the top notes of the fragrance, which makes consumers understandably very unhappy.

Enter practical, efficient and innovative Flow Science technology. Our flow cell reeds are much more porous than other materials and they are made by extrusion, a process which is defined as “something formed by forcing semi-soft material through a specially shaped mold or nozzle.” Their unique formulation symbolizes a noteworthy improvement over traditional wooden reeds because they continually absorb and evaporate from the surface and replenish themselves, which eliminates the need for often messy flipping.

In addition, the Flow Cell material can also be saturated ahead of time and dyed to a specific color, and can even be tinted to match the color of a bamboo or a natural reed stick. In fact, the material can be molded into any imaginable shape, and is not in any way confined to the conventional wick form. 

According to Arnold Zlotnik, Alpha Aromatics president and CEO: “Flow cell was invented and mastered by our chemists to enable a hassle-free technique, eliminating any need or fuss with flipping….The secret to its creating perfect, regulated scent diffusion lies in altering the reed material itself. Only patented Flow Science diffuser reeds offer a consistently performing, non-spill fragrance diffusing matrix.” Place an order today!

We Provide Fragrances For All Candle Types And Categories


Clients trust Alpha Aromatics to maximize the safety and value in their brands. We carefully select from more than 3,000 essential oils and aromatic chemicals, each of which transforms into an integral layer of an innovative scent. 

Vice President of Operations at Alpha Aromatics as well as former Vice President of the American Society of Perfumers, Roger Howell and his team have assembled some of the best-selling scents for manufacturers of aroma diffusers, paraffin, soy (vegetable) and gel candles for all popular categories including: kitchen aromas; florals; fruits; spa and zen havens; fantasy fragrances and custom, signature scents.

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Performance-Enhancing Candle Fragrance Compositions

Fragrances in this category are produced according to careful performance-enhancing criteria including:

  • Compatibility with additives such as dye, Vybar®, stearic acid and UV inhibitors.
  • Rate and consistency of fragrance diffusion.
  • Burn rate.
  • Cold and hot scent throw.
  • Flashpoint safety.
  • Candle matrix: paraffin, gel, vegetable (soy), etc.

More than 10,000 diverse candle scents are available to American consumers. Our fragrance manufacturers skillfully tackle the enormous task of creating, marketing and correlating their scents directly to the businesses they seek to attract. This requires skilled, subliminal manipulation to which consumers readily respond by opening their wallets to purchase that scent that takes them back to another time and place and to memories lost but now regained.

So if you are looking to start a candle or diffuser line, or you have an existing product or brand and would like higher quality fragrances at more competitive prices, call our experts at Alpha Aromatics today. Let us create that one-of-a-kind candle scent for your enterprise — (412) 252-1012 / Int: (800) 295-5261.