Our Commitment To Natural Cradle-To-Cradle Fragrances

Perfume and the delicate art of its creation is almost as old as time. When the world was young, there were only natural fragrances that were painstakingly extracted from essential oils and spices and flowers.

The ancient Egyptians scented their tombs and their bodies and the Romans their baths. In 2003, archaeologists discovered the oldest perfume factory known to man on the island of Cyprus, where tiny alabaster bottles still retained traces of lavender, bay, rosemary, pine and coriander.

Today, leaders in the fragrance industry have become completely transparent in their manufacturing operations, giving rise to a growing phenomenon known as cradle to cradle fragrances (C2C).

Natural Cradle To Cradle Fragrance Creation

Cradle to cradle (C2C) is a fairly new term that has nothing to do with children who refuse to grow up and yearn to return to fetal positions, being more comfortable in wombs  than in situations concerning adult life and responsibility. This concept is all about seeing resources in a new and different light.

For example, consider an unpleasant byproduct of every day life, such as garbage. By viewing it as a potentially new and endless resource where waste can eventually become food in a new product cycle, its significance changes, and it becomes integral to a circular economy because it contains biologically circular ingredients that eliminate waste.

More than twenty years in development by William McDonough and Michael Braungart, The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute is a non-profit organization that administers the Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Standard. Its purpose is to both inspire and propel a new and different industrial revolution that transforms the formulation of products into a positive force for society, economic well being and the sustainability of planet Earth.


Cradle To Cradle Alpha Aromatics


Written by architect, designer and author, William McDonough, the book, Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things and The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability—Designing for Abundance, offers some insight into why these products are so much better than the alternatives.

McDonough’s book addresses one of the most important challenges concerning cradle to cradle fragrances, which is a lack of agreement on both what sustainable is and how to measure it. The establishment of a comprehensive, third party, cradle to cradle, certified product standard both defines and measures the true sustainability and circular aspects a product possesses. 

In his own words: “It has been fun to watch Cradle to Cradle be renamed circular economy in materials. The idea that we have biological and technical circularity applies to all kinds of products. We think of circularity as one of five categories of a product’s quality: material health, circularity, renewable energy, water stewardship and social fairness, which is all about good lives.”

Natural And Organic Fragrances For Products

The 5 Categories Defining Cradle To Cradle Product Quality

Each of the following levels requires continued progress towards increasing

the recovery of materials and keeping them in continuous cycles. Each criteria builds towards the expectation of eliminating all toxic chemicals and providing for a safe and continuous manufacturing process.

Material Health

This involves a thorough evaluation of every ingredient in the supply chain of any given product from the perspective of its impact on both human and environmental health. Products must be designed either to biodegrade safely as biological replenishment or to be recycled into new products as a technical nutrient.


The” true key to understanding this dynamic concerns the total transparency of information. In terms of fragrance, C2C further translates into a scent that is safe to use, and then ultimately does-no-harm when it returns to the earth and the eco-system.

For our perfume experts, sustainability was paramount to their formulations even before it became politically correct to think in those terms.

In order to to meet cradle to cradle criteria, each molecule in a specific fragrance must be screened for potential carcinogens, genetic alterations, allergens and other types of toxicity that relate to human health and well being.

Renewable Energy And Carbon Management

Clean, renewable and low environmental impact technology, such as wind and solar power, are major considerations in a circular economy solution, which is always focused on simultaneously reducing both the use of raw materials and waste generation. This, as well as all C2C criteria, mark a move towards carbon neutrality and the eventual harnessing of 100% renewable energy for all operations.

Water Stewardship

Water is and always has been a precious resource for all living things and humans rely on water indirectly for all agricultural-related processes throughout our supply chain.

The generation of wastewater and the subsequent treatment of this water before disposal requires water treatment plants to harness an enormous amount of energy. (The process of filtering wastewater eats up between 3% to 15% of the nation’s electrical power every year.)

Overconsumption of water is a worldwide problem, especially in areas with high baseline water stress levels. Stewardship goals are focused on watershed management, increased efficiency of usage and community involvement, the power of which cannot be understated. C2C demands include the development of cleaner and greener approaches to treating wastewater.

Social Fairness And Biodiversity

Cradle to cradle operations are designed to celebrate all people and natural systems. Our perfumers thrive on the concepts of diversity and inclusion, which serve to harness progress in all of its many manifestations.

Three diverse aspects of the cradle to cradle mission insure an inclusive and fair cultural dynamic. These are: the people who comprise the tapestry of the modern market place, the spirit of these people, which enables every voice to be valued and heard and a world concept where a joined community strives to do more good and create a better future for all.

World Wide Ramifications of Cradle To Cradle Fragrances

The unprecedented collaboration between Cradle to Cradle and the Environmental Working Group has created a transformational communion between environmentalists and the fragrance industry involving total transparency concerning ingredients and an ability to work together to create products that are safe for both humans and the planet.

Alpha Aromatics Rose Perfume Samples

In the words of one representative involved with the effort, “Sustainability is an integral part of who we are as a company, and this is reflected in our purpose: to redefine how we live in and care for the resources of our world…We are committed to advancing our promise to do better for people and the planet and to supporting our customers in their efforts to do the same. Our brand mantra of Uncommon Sense encourages our customers and employees to reject convention in favor of delivering what the world needs.”

The Recreation of Popular Scents Naturally

The art of perfumery has become a dynamic culture of not only developing new fragrances, but also analyzing and duplicating existing scents. The expert recreation of any scent naturally requires a strong foundation in scent memory and composition.

The modern world offers many natural organic products for the sophisticated consumer who seeks innovation in the form of sustainable and natural ways to attain fragrances that have heretofore been out of reach because of the harsh, synthetic chemicals that are often inherent in their formulations.

Natural And Synthesized Aroma Materials

5 Popular Natural Fragrances Created By Alpha Aromatics

While the following represent some popular natural fragrances, we have a vast array of others to choose from.

Black Gardenia & Violet

Opening with a citrus burst of sour-sweet lemon and succulent orange, these elements spoon fade into a complex floral heart note featuring creamy gardenia, powdery and woody violet, intensely intoxicating jasmine, bright, exotic lily and romantic, musky rose. The scent completes with a base note marked by clean cedar wood and sweet, spicy clove.

Tangelo Tuberose

A top note of clean, tart lemon, uplifting grapefruit and juicy, zesty tangelo opens this fragrance and soon blends into an aromatic floral heart bouquet comprised of waxy, fatty, and creamy tuberose, powdery, vanilla-almond heliotrope, sweet, floral violet, clean, crisp and gingery lemongrass and dreamy, velvety rose. An earthy base note of warm, honeyed amber, spicy, fruity clove and dry cedar wood finish this memorable scent.

Tangelo Tuberose Natural Fragrance

Zanzibar Spice & Iris

Powerful, piquant and woody leafy greens and fresh, natural dewy sparkle form the top note of this intriguing bouquet. These elements morph into a floral heart note featuring sweet, intoxicating night blooming jasmine, soft, peachy, and creamy plumeria and earthy, woody and powdery white iris. The scent completes with a blend of hot, fruity and potent charred clove, warm, heavily aromatic and pungent dried cumin and soft, intimate, bittersweet saffron.


An invigorating rush of sour sweet lemon and citrusy, slightly fruity, fresh and sugary citronella introduce this memorable scent. An aromatic middle note of intense, crisp and green lemongrass, rich, soothing and floral lavender and sweet, apple-like, herbaceous chamomile soon fade into a base note of herbal, minty spearmint and piney, honeyed, pungent and green eucalyptus, which complete the scent.

Grapefruit Avocado Zest

This scent opens with a top note marked by bitter, herbaceous woody and tart pink grapefruit, floral, complex, citrusy and refreshing bergamot and potent and pungent orange zest. These aspects soon morph into a heart note blend of fresh, leafy green and peppery avocado and sweet, nutty and sharp romaine. The scent ends with an aromatic base note featuring slightly musty black pepper and sugary, tart, subtly floral and woody petitgrain.

Grapefruit Avocado Zest Fragrance

A Leading Supplier And Designer Of Natural Fragrances

A pioneer in fragrance creation who’s roots spans more than seven decades, we stand behind all of our products, which far exceed industry standards.

Each fragrance we create represents both individually and collectively our company’s success as well as that of the many clients they service.

The goal of our researchers and chemists has always been to provide a fragrance manufacturing process that will evoke complete confidence in the minds of our clients about our transparency in the creation of our natural cradle to cradle fragrances and the quality of the essential oils we utilize for our many unique formulations.

Alpha Aromatics Leading Pefume Manufacturer

We have always been about the integration of sustainability in all formulations even long before the concept of cradle to cradle came into being.

The reduction of waste, promotion of biodegradability and the improvement of energy efficiency are primary considerations for us. Quite simply, we are a stalwart protector of the planet, Earth, today, tomorrow and for all the days after that.

Call our team today and learn more about their selections of natural, cradle to cradle fragrances.

Final thought about the natural world: An understanding  of the natural world and what’s in it is a source of not only a great curiosity, but great fulfillment ~ David Attenborough

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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