Gourmand Fragrances – Olfactory Desserts Minus Calories

Gourmand perfume formulations focus on the presentation of edible scents such as: honey, caramel, vanilla and chocolate.

These fragrances tend to smell edible, highlighting notes that are often blended with sensual musks and dark, earthy patchouli, which serve to ground them.

They can also be combined with floral facets, which render and elegant, romantic effect. There are all types of intensities within the gourmand family as well.

Their comforting properties have gained increasing popularity over the course of the last two decades, not only among women, but with men as well.

Favored aspects often include notes of dark, rich amber, sensual patchouli, passionate musk and warm, inviting cinnamon.

Amber Fragrances In Scented Products

The gourmand scents developed by our perfume masters tend to be warm and more suited to the colder times of the year.

Most gourmand perfumes smell sweet and fragrant, with just the whisper of seductiveness, which may not be suitable for day time occasions, but could be perfect for a romantic date .

Captivating facets of creamy, almonds and sweet tonka bean; lush and elegant vanilla, aromatic, roasted chocolate, creamy, rich caramel, pink, sugary and sweet cotton candy combine to transform the gourmand fragrance family into a must-have for use in many scent wardrobes.

Facets are usually synthetic or “fantasy” elements, like burnt sugary caramel, sweet candy and aromatic chocolate, which are recreated using accords or synthetic components.

Others are natural in origin and include: roasted coffee, luxurious and rich vanilla, coconut-nuanced and buttery tonka bean and rich, sugary and smooth benzoin.

A Brief History of Gourmand Fragrances

These perfume formulations are olfactory desserts that were borne from the amber notes (formerly Oriental) popularized in the 1990s.

Guerlain Shalimar, created in 1925, is the earliest gourmand perfume, and it is renowned for the plentiful use of vanilla.

Thierry Mugler’s Angel eau de perfume, which was formulated in 1992, was the very first gourmand fragrance that appeared on a fashion runway.

Angel eau de perfume

The captivating facets of creamy almonds; sweet tonka bean; lush and elegant vanilla; aromatic, roasted chocolate, creamy, rich caramel and pink, sugary cotton candy combine to transform this fragrance family into a must-have for most scent wardrobes. 

The Natural and Synthetic Aspects of Gourmand Fragrances


1. Vanilla

Vanilla is the world’s most popular flavor far beyond its use in perfumery.

The Aztecs were known to use vanilla to flavor their chocolate drinks as far back as the 16th century, but vanillin was not isolated until 1858, when French biochemist, Nicolas-Theodore Gobley, crystallized it from vanilla extract.

Due to its difficult growing and harvesting practices, vanilla is also one of the most expensive spices in the world.

For this reason, synthetic versions, such as vanillin and ethyl vanillin, are much more widely used than vanilla absolute in the formulations developed by leading perfumers.

The smell of natural vanilla derives from vanillin as well as more than 170 other aromatic compounds . It is extremely popular because a little goes a long way.

2. Tonka Bean

Tonka bean is a seed of the Dypterix odorata tree, which is indigenous to South and Central America.

It is the high content of coumarin that gives the tonka bean its unique and memorable fragrance.

Coumarin is a very popular and well-loved ingredient in perfume, and like vanilla, is very expensive to cultivate, which allows for the preferred use of synthetic coumarin.

Its sweetness is unlike any other on earth, accented by aspects of soft, nutty almond, lush and noble vanilla, and floral, rich, smoky and gingery frangipani. Often an ingredient in masculine fragrances, it is also a key component in Fougere type fragrance formulations.

3. Caramel

Caramel exemplifies a purely synthetic or fantasy ingredient.

The compounds, which comprise caramel are maltol, which naturally occurs in malt, and ethyl maltol.

They must be combined with extreme caution, as even a drop too much can overwhelm and ruin any fragrance (make it too sweet.).

Natural Aspects:

1. Honey

It is more common to find a honey note as an accord in fragrances rather than its natural extract even though honey can easily be obtained in the form of beeswax/honeycomb absolute.

Rich, warm, sugary and comforting, the use of honey brings warmth and touches of amber to a fragrance.

It is no wonder then that it fits well in to gourmand and amber (formerly Oriental) structures.

The balsamic, tobacco, hay-like and animalic facets make this ingredient a great pairing for woody notes.

2. Roasted Coffee

The coffee note is an intense, darkly roasted facet that is both energizing and beguiling.

It charms the nose like no other ingredient, whether it be of Arabica or Robusta blend.

Its aroma arouses emotion and becomes easily embedded in the part of our brains that control olfactory memory.

This raw material is an absolute obtained by using solvents to extract the roasted seeds found inside the fruit.

This thick and very dark liquid was at first to difficult to dissolve and much too complicated to integrate into fragrance formulations, but improvements in solvents made it possible to avoid overheating while still maintaining the delectable aroma so many people love.

While coffee facets are always sugary. roasted and spicy, they can be enhanced with gourmand nuances and chocolate accents.

Its fragrance is said to be reminiscent of coffee liqueur with a touch of of tobacco. Perfumers at Alpha Aromatics may also contrast effects between bitterness and sweetness.

3. Benzoin 

Benzoin is a rich gum resin that is obtained from the bark of styrax trees that are known for their rich, vanilla sweetness.

It is a natural compound that can smell smoky and ceremonial like incense or take on a keenly balsamic and gourmand aroma.

It serves as an excellent fixative in gourmand fragrances because it retards the dispersion of other aromatic molecules.

Benzoin is a versatile material that is well loved by modern perfumers.

Alpha Aromatics And Our Gourmand Fragrances

We are both a pioneer and leader within the modern perfume industry.

Internationally renowned and family-owned and operated, our fragrant roots stretch as far back as the 1940s.

Our focus has remained unchanged down through time, which is in the words of chief chemist and perfumer, Roger Howell: “to build great scents that build great brands.”

Roger Howell Master Perfumer In Offices

Located in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are well known for our masterful ability to transform the vision of any commercial enterprise into an unforgettable olfactory communion between products and consumers aimed at attracting, inspiring and inducing brand loyalty.

Our unique organic, natural and designer fragrances are integral to many personal care products, candles and diffusers, fragrances for home, odor neutralizers, private label brands, industrial air fresheners, household cleaning products and fine, customized perfumes. 

The following represent a partial list of some popular gourmand fragrances recently conjured by our scent wizards at Alpha Aromatics.

Caramelized Berries And Fig

Opening with a citrus burst of spicy, complex and fruity bergamot, succulent orange and sweet, slightly floral red berries, these facets soon fade into a heart note characterized by aspects of earthy, green and fresh fig leaf and delicate, powdery and mellow muget.

Rich, creamy caramelized sugar, elegant, lush vanilla and pink, sugary cotton candy complete this delectable gourmand fragrance.

Dark Chocolate Solstice

A top note streaming with citrus elements of extremely sweet and juicy orange valencia, waxy, tropical pineapple and fetching, sour, sweet lemon.

A fragrant heart note infusion soon follows marked by delightfully almondy marzipan and powdery, vanilla-nuanced heliotrope.

The scent culminates with a base note distinguished by elements of creamy, rich caramelized sugar, musky and amber-nuanced dark sugar and elegant, noble and lush vanilla.

Honey Macadamia

Facets of complex, sweet and molasses-tinged rum, succulent orange and peachy, mellow plum open this aromatic gourmand fragrance.

These elements soon drift into a redolent heart note bouquet of green, fresh and woody lavender, soft, earthy and nutty sage and rich, buttery macadamia.

A base note of mild, honey-nuanced and floral honeycomb and sugary, floral nuanced sweet nectar complete this beguiling fragrance. 

Iced Maraschino And Burnt Tonka Bean

Aspects of soft and nutty toasted almond and delightful, sweet/sour cherry liqueur stream through the top note of this delectable scent.

These elements soon fold into a heart note bouquet of haunting, intense jasmine, light bitter neroli and romantic, musky rose.

The scent completes with a base note marked by dark, rich amber, coconut-nuanced and creamy burnt tonic bean, buttery sandalwood and vanilla tinged, amber crystallized sugar. 

Pink Pepper Café

Streams of fresh, clean citrus rind, soft, succulent almond and intense, roasted coffee bean open this memorable gourmand fragrance.

These elements fuse into a floral middle note of sharp, spicy and rosy pink peppercorn, intense and intoxicating jasmine and fresh, sugary orange blossom.

Dry woody cedar, creamy sandalwood, noble and lush vanilla and sensual, rich and buttery caramel complete this unforgettable fragrance.

In Conclusion

If you’d like to add a gourmand fragrance to your product or product line, contact our teams today!

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