How The Spicy Woody Aroma Of Cardamom Transforms Fragrances

Explore the full bodied, heady, ambrosial, resinous and redolent note of cardamom (also spelled cardamon), and discover how it is the only perfume facet that can be and is often used in Eau de Colognes that falls within all the families featured on the iconic Fragrance Wheel! Or contact our team today to spice up your product or product line with its sweet, woody, spicy fragrant notes!

Cardamom, which is also known as cardamone, is a full bodied, heady spice derived from the seed pods of plants within the same botanical family as turmeric and ginger.

These plants are known to reach heights of between 6 to 15 feet and they thrive in the tropical climes of the world. The use of this treasured condiment dates back some 3,000 years to the ancient Indian Vedic Age, and its rich history is steeped in both biblical records and in legend.

It is said that Cleopatra would burn essence of cardamon before her intimate encounters with Marc Anthony, and she was also known to perfume the sails of her ship when coming into shore so that he would know that she was on her way to him.

The ancient Egyptians had many uses for cardamom and it was used extensively in their perfumes, incense and as a prime ingredient for whitening teeth.

Jasmine incense India

It is recorded that their ointment known as Oil of Lilly was infused with cardamon as well as the fragrances of 1,000 white lilies.

It was also an ingredient in the creation of the incense known as kypri. The Romans used it in the same manner as we of this modern age might rely on an over-the-counter tablet to soothe indigestion.

The Greeks developed distillation techniques to create essences for their favorite scents, which included: sugary, spicy and pleasant laurel; slightly pungent marjoram; fruity iris, and slightly sweet, woody and spicy cardamom.

What Determines The Superior Quality of Green Cardamom

Master perfumers continually seek out high quality cardamon for an endless array ofcompositions. It can be of light or dark green color, and the size can be between 5mm and 8+mm.

Sometimes, an artificial green color is added to make it appear fresh. One rule of thumb to check if a batch of green cardamom is of high quality is to rub the cardamom pods between your fingers. If a green color is not released, it means you have good quality green cardamom in your hands.

The price of cardamom is determined by the size of the pods. If the pod is bigger, the number of seeds it contains would be more numerous, and the extracted oil is guaranteed to impart a richer fragrance.

A Few Relevant Fragrance Facts

  1. Cardamom is the most frequently used spice in Indian cuisine and is most often found in Massala curry and chai tea.
  2. Cardamom is the world’s third most expensive spice after vanilla and saffron 
  3. According to Chinese legend, cardamon tea holds the secret to longevity
  4. Cardamom comprises 3% of the world’s total spice trade.
  5. Ancient cultures revered cardamon as a spice laden with supernatural powers that when burned, could ward off evil spirits
  6. Cardamom is also known as the “Doctor of Spices” because of its many medicinal properties.
  7. The earliest historical record concerning the use of cardamon dates back to the ancient Sanskrit texts and the Sumerian civilization (in modern Iraq.)
  8. There are two different types of cardamom; namely, green and black. Green is considered the “real cardamon,” and it is used in many Indian dishes as well as perfumery. Black cardamon is almost always reserved for use in alternative medicine, as its tart character and lack of substantial flavor makes it unsuitable for desserts and other foods. 
  9. It is believed that green cardamon originated in southwest India and black cardamon from the eastern Himalayas and China. Today, cardamom is cultivated in any climate where it can gain a threshold.
  10. Cardamom essential oil is rich and laden with potent antioxidant and diuretic properties. Believed to have both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, it is said to lower blood pressure and aid in digestion.

Cardamom And Modern Fragrances

Cardamon is is an ambrosial, resinous and redolent fragrance note. The Guatemalan variety is more favored by perfume masters than Indian cardamon because it is purer and more invigorating.

They rely on cardamon as a primary ingredient in their citrus formulations because it melds so seamlessly with facets such as: succulent orange; clean, fresh lemon; invigorating grapefruit; spicy, refreshing and light bergamot; sweet, floral and subtle pettigrain and bitter, herbaceous neroli.

It also fuses perfectly with dreamy, musky rose; dry, balsamic cedar, cool, minty eucalyptus; aromatic rosemary; warm, inviting cinnamon; hot, piquant clove and rich, jasmine-nuanced ylang ylang.

Ylang Ylang Chanel Number 5

Cardamon is both spicy and aromatic, and it is a unique perfume facet because unlike all the others, it is the only one that can be and is often used in Eau de Colognes that fall within all the families featured on the iconic Fragrance Wheel.

It is also a scent that appeals to both men and women and is often selected for the chypre, woody and ambery (formerly Oriental) scent categories. 

Which Products Use Cardamom In Their Fragrance Compositions?

Besides being a superior ingredient in many fine perfumes, its use in home and personal care products is formidable as well.

Spiced cardamon candles resonate the flavor of chai tea and are a fantasy bridge to wonderful olfactory escapes into the depths of peaceful autumnal forests.

Cardamom’s potent character can deter unpleasant odors, which makes it perfect for inclusion in cosmetic products like skin toners, the ingredients of which often contain unappealing odors.

Cardamom serves to mask them while at the same time does not interfere with whatever benefits the specific product has to offer.

Cardamom is also popular in soaps, hand and body lotions, body washes, powders and cosmetics such as lip balms, where it imparts both the taste of the essential oil and renders lips sleek and smooth.

Fragrance Creation For Soap Manufacturers Cardamom

A Few Of Our Recently-Composed Fragrances

Santal Diffuser Oil

Capturing the rich warmth of the deep dark forest and smoky, crackling open fires, this potent and alluring fragrance is a streaming mosaic of tart and sour introductory notes that seamlessly fold into a heart note defined by buttery sandalwood, slightly sugary and woody cardamom, parched leathery papyrus and raspberry-nuance iris.

A dry down of musky, amber-like ambrox and dark, warm amber complete this intense and captivating fragrance. 

Santal Black Currant Diffuser Oil

Distinct and audacious, this compelling fragrance streams with aspects of sugary banana, piquant and aromatic cardamom, woody, dusty violet, fruity iris and fresh, leafy green.

These facets blend seamlessly into a fruity heart note marked by elements of heady, wild berries, tart black currants, comforting cinnamon and crunchy apple.

A woody dry down of warm, dry cedar wood, potent and musty patchouli and creamy sandalwood finish this robust scent.

Agarwood Cardamom

An invigorating stream of citrus facets flow through the head notes of this potent fragrance.

These aspects soon flow into a middle note featuring elements of ambrosial, resinous and piquant cardamom, feisty biting pepper and earthy, balsamic and green vetiver.

A woody/smoky dry down of musky, fruity and warm Oudh, rich, honeyed amber, lush and elegant vanilla, almond-and clove-like tonka bean, woody, bright agarwood and creamy, aromatic sandalwood complete this unforgettable fragrance.

In Conclusion

We have been a landmark of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania landscape for decades.

We are renowned for our formulations of signature and personal scents as well as fragrances that present themselves in a multitude of scented products, including personal care items that range from candles and soaps to cosmetics and household products.

Our laboratories are equipped with the most advanced tools in the world of industrial science that money can buy, and our clients hail from every corner of the globe.

Our enduring success lies not only in our fabulous, one-of-a-kind perfumes but also in the way we treat their clientele, whether they are one time customers or regular patrons.

If you’re looking to spice up your product or product line with an aromatic dash of Cardamom, give our teams at Alpha Aromatics a call today!

Final thought about cardamon: Be the cardamon in someone’s desert.~ Swagatika Paddy

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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