Lip Product Scents – Designing The Fragrance Under Your Nose

Lip makeup, particularly lipstick shades, have the distinction of being the only aspects of the medium that truly reflect the cultural climate, historical events and rebellious aspects of the time period in which they have gained popularity.

During the 1920s, for example, lipsticks made statements about freedom and liberation, and became symbols of that first feminist movement.

Today, lip products are more sophisticated and contain other elements, such as stunning fragrances that make them even more alluring to the modern woman.

Lip Product Fragrance Supply

In fact, fragrance is one of the key elements that often differentiates one lip product from another. It can make or break it, it can help it stand out in otherwise saturated markets and it can even revive a once lagging brand.

But what unique fragrance blends work best for the ever-evolving taste preferences of the modern woman? Our master perfumers explain.

A Brief History Of Lip Products

The appeal of lip sticks have remained down through time, and their application reflects both individual choice and all the diverse aspects of modern sexuality.

Lipsticks have had a long and colorful history dating back 5,000 years to the women of the Sumerian civilization. 

In fact, based on evidence uncovered at archaeological sites, historians believe they were the first to use lipsticks. Color was achieved from grinding and mixing fruits, henna, clay, rust, and even insects.

The women of Mesopotamia grounded precious jewels into their mixtures, adding a depth of color and shimmer to their lips.

Women Lip Shimmer

Makeup was a sign of status in ancient Egypt, and both men and women were known to indulge. 

Their favored colors were purple and black, which came from carmine dye, which in turn derived from grinding cochineal insects, a source of lip color in use to this day albeit minus the harmful substances once used such as lead and iodine.

A Few Interesting Facts About Lip Products

An Arab Scientist Named Abulcasis Invented The Solid Lipstick

Circa 900 AD, while experimenting with making a stock for applying perfume which could then be pressed into a mold, this scientist went a step further and used the same procedure for colors. Thus was born the solid lipstick.

Lipstick and Prostitution In The Ancient World

During the Golden Age of Greece (5th and 4th Centuries B.C.), lipsticks became associated with prostitution and ladies of the night were legally obligated to wear only dark shades.

The First Perfume Company To Produce Lipstick Commercially

A French company named Guerlain became the first to produce lipstick for commercial use. Their product was made with deer tallow, beeswax and castor oil and was wrapped in a silken paper.

Suffragettes Painted Their Lips As A Sign of Emancipation

When early feminists, such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Charlotte Perkins Gilman, marched in the 1912 New York City Suffragette rally, they painted their lips to symbolize their emancipation from conventional mores and protocol.

ChapStick Is Lip Balm, But Not All Lip Balm is ChapStick

Like Kleenex and Q-Tips, chapstick has become a generic term for all lip balm. There are many other popular brands, like Carmex, Blistex, and Burt’s Bees.

Queen Elizabeth Created Her Own Lipstick Blend

In 1952, Queen Elizabeth II developed a blue-tinged red lipstick that matched the color of her lavish coronation robe. She named it Balmoral after her Scottish home.

The First Kiss Proof Lipstick

Shortly after World War II, a chemist named Hazel Bishop developed a formula for long-lasting lipstick while working in a dermatologist’s lab. Soon after, cosmetic giant, Revlon, followed suit with its own smudge-proof lipsticks and thus erupted the enduring war of the brands.

The First Flavored Lip Gloss

In 1970, the Bonne Bell company introduced the first flavored lip gloss called Lip Smackers to the American public. It was marketed specifically to the teenage girl demographic along with the catch phrase,‘all the flavor of being a girl.’

ChapStick And The Watergate Scandal

President Nixon used bugs to trap his political opponents, many of which were discovered in empty ChapStick containers. They were chosen expressly because they blended in so well with conventional office settings.

One Of The Most Expensive Lipsticks In The World

The honor goes to Guerlain’s KissKiss Gold and Diamonds Lipstick, which sells for a mere $62,000. The tube is made from 110 grams of 18-karat gold and encrusted with 199 diamonds that will make everything except the average bank account sparkle!

A Few Relevant Industry Statistics

According to Statista, a German company specializing in market and consumer data, the U.S.Census and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS) has stated that the global lipstick market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.4% and reach USD 18.9 billion by the year, 2025.

Lip Product Scent Design

In addition, it is estimated that 60.84 million Americans used Chapstick in 2020.

Today, the proliferation of lip products and fragrances for them in addition to lipstick include: lip gloss; lip oils; lip powder and lip balm, providing the modern user with a multitude of choices.

Below is some information about each specific category and how it is used.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is unlike lipstick and lip balm, the latter of which is a medicinal product used to heal and soothe injured lips by serving as a shield against harsh outdoor climes.

Lip gloss is a transparent or slightly opaque colored product that renders a glossy surface to lips. It was first developed by Max Factor, a Polish immigrant who formed Max Factor & Company in 1909 and produced lip gloss in 1930.

Lip Gloss Fragrances

Its purpose was to enhance the mouths of actresses appearing in black and white films.

As films overtook many aspects of fashion and popular culture and women sought to imitate these screen stars, Max Factor released to the public the first commercial lip gloss, named X-Rated in 1932. 

Down through the years, lip gloss has always been available in many varieties ranging from transparent liquids to opaque shades of color with a manifold of finishes including: metallic, glittered, glassy and frosted,

Lip Balm

Lip balm, just as fragrances created by our master perfumers at Alpha Aromatics, is one of those ubiquitous items in modern society.

In times long past cultures such as ancient Egypt treated cracked lips in their own particular way, seeking protection from the unrelenting harshness of the sun and wind, they applied animal fats; beeswax; nut butters and a variety of natural oils.

Lip Balm Fragrance Design

The first mention of a product that would soothe cracked lips in the United States occurred in the 1840s and appeared in the highly popular book, The American Frugal Housewife which was written by Lydia Maria Child.

The author recommended ear wax as a treatment for cracked lips.

In the 1880s, a physician from Lynchburg, Virginia named Charles Browne Fleet invented lip balm and named it Chapstick. 

It did not resemble the product of today and looked more like a candle wrapped in tin foil. It also didn’t sell at all, and in 1912, Fleet sold his formula to a friend and colleague named John Morton for $5. 

It was Morton’s wife who is credited with the idea to melt the ingredients together and pour them into brass tubes to mold the balm into sticks. 

The new packaging was a hit and ChapStick become both a successful product and a household name.

Lip Oils

Lip oils treat, soothe and nourish delicate skin. 

Due to the fact that they contain high concentrations of hydrating oils like jojoba, rose hip, and coconut, they can permeate the deeper layers of skin to heal from within.

They are the secret to both a long lasting sheen and plump, juicy lips.

Lip Powder Fragrances

These oils can be simply applied either over a lip product for a shiny look or underneath to serve as a restorative foundation. 

Lip Powder

This lipstick in powdered form offers a long-lasting shine-free finish and feel. Immediately upon contact, the dust that is laden with pigment melts into the lips, rendering a residue of either matte or metallic color.

Working with lip powders can be bold and adventurous because their ability to blend so well with so many elements opens the door to experimentation.

Fragrance Design and Supply For Lip Product Manufacturers

Our master perfumers at Alpha Aromatics know and respect the mysterious and delicate allure of fragrance. 

Our goal is and always has been to “build great scents that build great brands.”

Located in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our unique organic, natural and designer fragrances are integral to many cosmetic and other personal care products.

Alpha Aromatics ISO 2019 Certification

Our continued success is largely due to our heavy investment in the most innovative scientific tools that money can buy, and our laboratories, which are located in their 85,000-square-foot Technology Center in suburban Pittsburgh, are equipped with cutting edge innovations, such as: gas chromatography; mass spectrometry; head-space analysis; distillation; extraction and quality control technology.

While technology is certainly an integral part of what we do, fragrance creation is an art, and our perfumers are undeniably artists when it comes to created scents that tap into the trends of today while also standing the test of time.

When it comes identifying women’s tastes in personal care products and the fragrances infused within them, we once wrote, “The answer seems to continually haunt cosmetic, personal care I&I (Industrial and Institutional) packagers with turnkey opportunities as well as product manufacturers, mainly because the modern woman has a dynamic educated, sophisticated and fickle list of wants and needs that can and do change on a dime, pending research revelations, trending application styles for fragrances, natural and organic skincare products and diverse aspects of the shopping experience.”

personal care products

With that in mind, the following represent a few recently-designed fragrances that are recommended for lip care products, each of which take into account current and predicted market trends.

Black Coconut Verbena

A citrus eruption of sharp, astringent and clean lemon-lime, fresh, dewy melon and highly fragrant and acidic citron soon melds into the background, making way for a middle note marked by musty, green cyclamen, soft and delicate lily-of-the-valley, rich, spicy ginger and milky, intensely tropical coconut.

The scent completes with aspects of rich, warm amber and woody, sensual and aromatic white musk.

Cherry Blossom Mimosa

This scent opens with nuances of green, slightly sweet pear, fuzzy, fruity apricot, and crisp apple.

These elements soon surrender to a floral middle note bouquet of milky, green lilac, musky, romantic rose, sugary and tart cherry blossom and very sugary, powdery mimosa.

Redolent streams of earthy white musk, clean, balsamic cedar and lush, elegant vanilla complete this fragrance.

Pomegranate Violet

Crisp, firm apple, tangy and woody-tinged raspberry, fresh, dewy melon and subtle, powdery red pomegranate form the opening notes of this scent, which soon acquiesce into a floral heart note bouquet featuring romantic rose, intoxicating jasmine and woody violet. 

Elements of slightly sweet and earthy nectar, sugary, lush vanilla and sensual musk complete this memorable fragrance.

Vanilla Orchid

Velvety peach, milky coconut and tangy, ammoniac black currant open this exotic fragrance. 

These aspects soon surrender to a heart note comprised of creamy, fruity and intense tiare flower, intoxicating night blooming jasmine, leafy, shimmering water lily and floral, sugary wild orchid. 

The scent finishes with a base note of creamy sandalwood, rich, full vanilla bean and passionate musk.

Wild Pansy Meadow

A citrusy burst of tart, uplifting grapefruit, sharp lime and fresh, natural morning dew soon gives away to a heart note bouquet marked by delicate, warm muguet, intoxicating jasmine, musty, green cyclamen and floral pansy blossom. 

A base note dominated by woody, sensual musk completes this fragrance.

In Conclusion

Down through the ages, lip products have enhanced the lives of both women and men. The fragrance formulators of Alpha Aromatics are always at work creating scents that will enhance the allure of lip makeup. 

Call our team today and see how we can improve your lip product line.

Final thought about lipsticks: If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack. ~Coco Chanel

Alpha Aromatics Leading Pefume Manufacturer

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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