Feminine Fragrances – Are They Really Just About Pronouns?

For our master perfumers at Alpha Aromatics, for whom fragrance is all they do, scents designed for women are a delicate specialty.

Understanding the essence of feminine fragrances boils down to one particular question.

Are they really different than those designed for men or do we just think they are? 

The answer is yes and no, which further creates temporary tension headaches, but it is a conundrum that can be deciphered.

The main perpetrator of this false distinction is gender-based marketing. 

A 2012 study conducted by Anna Lindqvist, Associate professor in Psychology from Stockholm University, and published in The Journal of Sensory Studies, revealed that the targeted gender of a particular scent was totally unaffected by fragrance. 

Blindfolded participants immediately responded one way or the other, without any regard for the targeted market.

Feminine Fragrance Cosmetics

This tells a tale of conditioning in which people believe that men and women “should” smell a certain way, which is very similar to the concept that “boys like blue and girls like pink.”

The reason why floral fragrances are linked to femininity and woody smoky aromas with masculinity lies in both the historical origins of perfume and the multidisciplinary realm of neuroscience.

How Do Feminine Fragrances Differ From Masculine?

The raw truth is that men and women do not have the same scent and what truly makes a fragrance “masculine” or “feminine” smelling is the person who is wearing it.

The body odors of both sexes are different; men being naturally muskier and sharper than those of women, which are softer and usually tinged with aspects of amber.

For masking women’s body odors, preferred perfume facets usually are: rich, sweet and smooth benzoin, dreamy, sensual and earthy honey absolute, elegant, lush and noble vanilla and rich, deep and complex labdanum.

Women also usually have more acidic skin than their male counterparts.

Feminine Cosmetic Fragrances

This fact translates into the unexpected reality that a woman who might consider a fragrance manly when her partner wears it, can also enjoy it as a feminine scent when she applies it to her own skin.

Cultural And Historical Implications Of Feminine Fragrances

Gender-scent stereotypes date back to 19th century Europe when men and women were cemented in very distinct and different roles.

Men of the burgeoning middle class held white-collar jobs, and strove to be industrious and conscientious, while women toiled at home behind the scenes. 

These differences were mirrored in the scents they wore at the time.

The men of 19th century Europe popularized woody, earthy-based fragrances to represent the qualities they associated with masculinity, which was in turn based upon the societal expectations imposed upon them.

The lives of women, on the other hand, tended to focus around home and hearth and they were often heavily engaged in the art of arranging flowers and cooking for their families.

The preference for floral fragrances and aromas of sweet edibles infused with vanilla and fruit thus gained popularity among feminine circles.

Floral Scents And Fragrances

This development occurred simultaneously with the invention of synthetic fragrance compounds, which resulted in the availability of lighter more delicate fragrances for the middle class that had previously only been available to the very rich.

Recent research in the realm of neuroscience has indicated that scents experienced during childhood years and memory formation with maternal figures create neural pathways that permanently link fragrance types with femininity.

The same phenomenon applies when understanding masculine connections with particular fragrances.

Research concludes that particular aromas are linked to a certain gender not because humans are biologically programmed to prefer gender-based scents, but rather because these choices have evolved simultaneously with the cultural fabric and mores of evolving society.

Why Companies Turn To Alpha Aromatics For Feminine Fragrances

We are an internationally renowned, family-run fragrance company whose roots were born during the trying aftermath of World War II.

Over the course of almost eight decades, our focus, which has been to “build great scents that build great brands,” has remained unwavering and unchanged.

Alpha Aromatics ISO 2019 Certification

We showcase modern brands with the creation of a myriad of uniquely supreme scent creations and an unswerving business strategy, which is unilaterally focused on meeting the dynamic needs of the global perfume industry marketplace.

Our unique organic, natural and designer fragrances are ubiquitous, and found in a vast array of personal care products, candles and diffusers, fragrances for home, odor neutralizers, private label brands, industrial air fresheners, household cleaning products and fine, customized perfumes.

Alpha Aromatics Fragrance Bottles

A Few Of Our Recently-Designed Feminine Fragrances

Below are a few examples of our recently-designed fragrance formulations geared toward the feminine marketplace.

Black Currant Peony

Very juicy, sweet and mild facets of delicately tinged, rosy, black currant, subtle, sweet and mild casaba melon and sharp, grapefruit-infused pomelo open this compelling fragrance.

These facets soon gently drift into a floral heart note bouquet marked by aspects of woody, lemony yellow rose, delicate, powdery and warm muguet and rosy, citrusy peony petal.

The scent completes with a base note featuring dark, honeyed amber and earthy musk.

Blue Orchid And Iced Peach

This fruity, floral bouquet bursts open, like a runaway cork, with a top note featuring velvety, aromatic peach and sharp, floral and fizzy sparkling champagne.

These aspects soon coalesce with a heart note characterized by sweet smelling, heady blue orchid, bright, tropical and spicy lily and sugary, exciting night blooming jasmine.

Facets of elegant, lush vanilla, creamy, rich and very sweet caramelized sugar, earthy, dark and potent patchouli and sensual, passionate musk complete this glorious scent.

Iris And Amber

A burst of citrus streams through this delicate, feminine fragrance with tones of tart, uplifting grapefruit, lush orange and crisp, fresh and woody apple. 

These aspects soon fade into a floral heart note laced with grassy, sugary passion flower, dreamy, musky rose, smooth, fruity iris, leafy, green and earthy hyacinth and dazzling, rosy and sweet peony.

This delightful scent completes with base noise facets of dark, rich amber, sensual, passionate musk and dry, clean and somber cedar wood.

Passion Flower Cassis 

This aromatic fragrance opens with a top note flowing with facets of pleasing, spicy and floral bergamot, dry, acidic citron and sweet, dark, and berry-nuanced cassis.

These aspects seamlessly flow into a floral heart note bouquet featuring potent, sugary peony, narcotic and deeply intoxicating jasmine, delicate, feminine lily-of-the-valley and milky, almond-nuanced and green lilac.

This beguiling fragrance completes with aspects of dark, rich and warm amber, sweet, dairy-like cocoa vanilla, which wonderfully blends chocolate and vanilla, sensual, potent patchouli and creamy sandalwood.

Syringa Blossom & Mandarin

This delicate, exotic fragrance streams with opening facets of succulent orange, green, dense pear sorbet and sweet, lush mandarin orange.

These elements quickly drift into a floral heart note bouquet featuring intense and intoxicating jasmine, fine, powdery and lilac-nuanced syringa flower, fresh, sugary orange blossom and rich piney-nuanced ginger blossom.

The fragrance concludes with a base note marked by elements of rich sweet honey, noble and lush vanilla, sensual, passionate musk and warm, creamy sandalwood.

In Conclusion

If you believe that your particular business would benefit from a feminine fragrance, do not hesitate to call our teams today!

You will discover very quickly just how far you and company sales can go with our uniquely tailored formulations.

Photo Credits: Pixabay and Alpha Aromatics

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