Black Currant And It’s Fruity Woody Wonder Within Perfumery

If you manufacture any type of product that incorporates scent, discover how the fruity, woody and wonderful essence of black currant can help transform your product or product line; explore a few of our most recently-composed black currant-infused fragrances; or connect with our master perfumers today to learn more about our fragrance design and supply services – (412) 252-1012.

A Brief History Of Black Currant – AKA Cassis

Black currant, also known as cassis, has a rich and colorful history dating back to the age of antiquity and the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome.

Historians have ascertained from written records that this fruit was often employed as a treatment for acute gout.

Cassis Black Currant Soap

This bushy shrub first appeared in France at the end of the 16th century, but its original name was poyvrier, which referred to its edible black berries.

It became black currant some two hundred years later in the 18th century.

Creme de Cassis is the iconic liqueur made from these berries. It is dark, sweet and rich.

Invented in 1841 in the city of Dijon in the Burgundy region of France, where it is produced to this day, cassis is also famous for its inclusion in Kir Royale cocktails.

Blackcurrant berries are also widely used in pastries, jellies, jams, desserts and ice cream products.

Black Currant Perfumery

They are also used pharmaceutically from India to Europe, as the fruit is rich in vitamins C and B-12 and its leaves are said to have laxative and antioxidant properties. 

Black currant grows wild in Northern Europe as far as Lapland and Siberia.

Black currant absolute is obtained by solvent extraction and the resulting oil and leaves are known collectively as bourgeons de cassis.

Some 30 kgs.(66 pounds) of buds are required to obtain a single kg of absolute oil.

Due to the high cost of mechanized production, these buds are picked by hand. One person can only pick at most 1 kg per day, rendering exorbitant costs for this raw material.

Master perfumers understand the unique essence of cassis and the fact that black currant is a light, fruity, woody note with a rich, sensual and harmonious animal-like aspect that lies between green and red fruit scents.

Cassis Black Currant Scent

Its tart, sugary properties make it a popular choice in the fruity, floral, citrus and oriental (now known as ambery) scents of today.

This natural raw material fits seamlessly to the perfumer’s fine palette. It was first used in 1969 with the fragrance, Chamade, from the house of Guerlain.

Its animal-like (cat urine, to be specific) feature is an acquired taste that derives from the specialized hairs (glandular trichomes) that are found on the surface of about 30% of the black currant plant.

These render the characteristic “cat” smell, which uniquely blends with musky, romantic rose, intoxicating jasmine, dusty, woody violet, earthy musk, rich, sweet and mellow benzoin, fresh citrus, intense, green and balsamic galbanum, woody, amber-nuanced oak moss and other unexpected elements. 

The distilled absolute bears very little (if any) comparison to the synthetic variety, which despite this, was very popular in the 1980s and early 1990s as illustrated by: Annick Goutal, who in 1982 formulated Eau de Charlotte, which was comprised of mellow black currant buds and cocoa as a tribute to her daughter who loved black currant jam.

Two other favorites were: Tiffany by Jacques Polge, which appeared in 1987 and Poeme for Lancome by Jacques Cavalier in 1995.

Our master perfumers often utilize notes that derive from two distinct stages of black currant’s development; namely, the blossom and the fruit itself.

Both of these are extensively cultivated inside fruit cages, which attracts birds that that eat the fruit.

Alpha Aromatics And A Few Of Our Cassis Fragrances

Our master perfumer, Roger Howell, and his diverse team of fragrance designers are often asked by manufacturers to incorporate the light, fruity and woody essence of black currant into the compositions we formulate, but much like coconut and most other fragrances, it is generally blended with array of other notes.

Black Currant Fragrance

Over the years, our black currant fragrance creations have found their way into organic, natural and synthetic designer fragrances for a myriad of products including but not limited to: candles and diffusers; personal care products, fragrances for home; odor neutralizers, private label brands; industrial air fresheners; household cleaning products and fine, customized perfumes.

The following represent some our favored, most recently designed fragrances featuring Cassis.

Woody Fragrances

Black Currant Tobacco

This fresh fragrance is often found in deodorant sprays. Streaming aspects of spicy, clean and citrusy bergamot, tangy and woody raspberry and tart, fruity black currant open this primarily masculine scent.

These facets soon fold into an intense heart note featuring hot, spicy clove and haunting, intense jasmine.

Elements of rich, warm and whiskey-nuanced tobacco leaf, slightly powdery and creamy sandalwood, potent, earthy patchouli, erotic, passionate musk and noble, lush vanilla complete this engaging fragrance.

Diffuser Oil Fragrances

Santal Black Currant

This bold fragrance opens with streaming facets of sweet, slightly bitter banana, aromatic and spicy cardamom, powdery violet, smooth, fruity iris, and fresh, peppery leafy green.

These aspects soon drift into a fruity heart note accentuated by woody wild berries, tangy black currant, warm, inviting cinnamon and crisp apple.

Base notes of dry cedar wood, dark, musty patchouli and buttery sandalwood  complete this full-bodied formulation.

Room Spray Fragrances

Radiant Currant and Amber

This intense fragrance is a favorite ingredient for room spray applications.

It streams with an opening burst of exhilarating citrus, luscious mandarin, somewhat bitter, fresh grapefruit and tangy, tart and ammonia-nuanced black currant.

These energizing aspects soon drift into a floral heart note flowing with facets of waxy, spicy and tropical lily, intoxicating, unforgettable jasmine and creamy, potent and exciting tuberose.

The scent completes with a base note featuring elements of warm, rich and honeyed amber, passionate, dark and earthy patchouli, sensual musk and lush, sugary vanilla.

Feminine Fragrances

Passion Flower Cassis

Streams of sweet perfume flow through the opening notes of this highly aromatic, beguiling fragrance marked by facets of spicy, floral and clean bergamot, dry, very fragrant citron and sugary, warm and berry-nuanced cassis.

These aspects seamlessly drift into a floral heart note bouquet featuring rosy, sweet peony, narcotic and deeply intoxicating jasmine, soft, feminine and green lily-of-the-valley and milky, almond-toned and rosy lilac.

This fragrance completes with elements of dark, honeyed amber,  sweet cocoa vanilla, potent, earthy patchouli and warm, creamy sandalwood.

Fragrances For Soap Products

Black Currant Persimmon

A top note bursting with aspects of soft, velvety peach, sugary, piquant and light red currant, and sharp clean lemon open this invigorating scent.

These fruity facets soon drift into a floral heart note of dense, sweet persimmon, honeyed, full-bodied jasmine and rosy, earthy geranium. 

Seamless elements of erotic white musk and sun-dried, ozonic driftwood effortlessly complete this delightful fragrance.

In Conclusion

Call our teams today and learn more about how your commercial enterprise can benefit from the uniquely beautiful scent of black currant!

Photo Credits: Pixabay

Black Currant Fragrance Design

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