The Outstandingly Fragrant Allure Of Sandalwood Blends

Sandalwood blends are fragrances well known for their bright fresh aromas, and are always used in perfume formulations as woody base notes that serve as fixatives, which both complement and enhance other facets.

They are particularly popular because of their pleasing allure and association with the far away and ancient lands of the Far East.

Dating back almost 4,000 years, the fragrance of sandalwood graced the glorious and bygone civilizations of India, Ceylon, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

These blends were integral to Egyptian embalming rituals and the spiritual traditions of India.

Alpha Aromatics Sandalwood Essential Oil

Many temples were constructed of sandalwood, and the Hindus were likely to have been the first ancient culture to adapt it to the burning of incense, which intensified their religious ceremonies. 

Chips ground by hand were formed into a paste and then burned both as sacred offerings and to cleanse the ambient air, which became a serene and receptive setting for meditation and prayer.

During the 18th century, sandalwood became a very popular component in cosmetics, unguents and pastes, and these products were applied during daily scenting rituals.

At that time, sandalwood was considered an exclusively masculine fragrance until one perfumer developed a version for women marked with aspects of fresh, sweet orange blossom, delicate, soft and feminine lily of the valley and others aspects combined with buttery sandalwood.

Nineteenth century decorative items constructed from sandalwood and inlaid with precious ivory such as fans, gloves and ornate sewing boxes became very fashionable during the Victorian era.

Sandalwood Blends In Scented Products

Sandalwood Fragrance Blends In Today’s Marketplace

Today, sandalwood blends live in the memories of the modern traveler, and that is why they are so sought after by luxury boutique hotels all over the globe and produced in such great quantities by perfume manufacturing companies. 

Sweet and woody, these scents pair well with many other essential oils including: soothing and redolent lavender, intense jasmine, and earthy, green geranium. 

Citrus facets of clean, elegant bergamot or uplifting grapefruit as well as warm, spicy incense are also redolent accompaniments to sandalwood.

Bay Leaf Bergamot Fragrance

A Few Little Known Facts About Sandalwood Blends

The following tidbits cast a reflective light on the far reaching power and uniqueness of sandalwood. 

It Takes Forty Years For A Sandalwood Tree To Reach Maturity

The tree can grow as high as 50 feet and one mature tree can yield up to 200 kg of oil. The heartwood, which is the center of the trunk, and the roots are the sources of the beautifully fragrant oil.

Australian Sandalwood Is The Ecologically Responsible Alternative to Indian Sandalwood

Known as Santalum Spicatum, this form of sandalwood grown on a large scale in Western Australia where it reaches a height of about 20 feet and bears fruit within a period of 5-10 years.

Sandalwood Is Associated With Many Of The World’s Religions

This fragrant essential oil has played a huge role in many different religions and the Sandalwood tree is considered holy. Sandalwood paste is used in Hindu rituals and ceremonies and Buddhists use it to produce incense for worship.

The Wood Of The Sandalwood Tree Is Yellow

The wood of the sandalwood tree is fine-grained and yellow. These trees are semi-parasitic and belong to the same family as the European mistletoe.

Pieces Of Sandalwood Are Often Used In Tobacco Products 

A 2010 patent application filed by The South China Botanical Garden of CAS

concerns the invention of a sandalwood cigarette that touts that the toxins of the cigarette are counteracted and the quality of the smoke is prolonged due to the inclusion of sandalwood.

The Sandalwood Tree Is Semi-Parasitic

The Sandalwood tree can survive on its own, but its natural tendency is  to “steal” nutrients from the roots of nearby plants via tube-like structures (modified roots) called haustoria.

The Sandalwood Fragrance Can Last For Decades

This aspect sets sandalwood apart from similar woods, which are known to lose their scents over the course of time.

Sandalwood Is One Of Few Perfumes Approved By Islamic Tradition

Along with musk and amber, sandalwood is appreciated by many of the world’s religions because its fragrance is believed to possess sacred and divine qualities.

Sandalwood Trees Are Protected By Local Governments

Nearly 60 tons of sandalwood oil are produced annually, revealing the insatiable demand for its use. Concern about illegal poachers eliminating these trees still lingers.

Sandalwood Oil’s Aroma Is Considered An Aphrodisiac

Highly prized among women of the Far East and commonly used in baths, the aroma is highly appreciated by both men and women. Its aphrodisiac effects can be compared to the qualities found in deer musk.

Alpha Aromatics And Our Use Of Sandalwood Blends

Fragrance lies at the heart of everything we do every day and month of every year. 

When it comes to translating any company’s vision into olfactory terms that will attract and engage consumers, our expertise and friendly, intimate involvement with our clients is unparalleled.

Alpha Aromatics Leading Pefume Manufacturer

Our 85,000-square-foot Production and Technology Center located in suburban, Pittsburgh, provides cutting edge technology, which in turn sustains a constant state of innovation.

Our fine compositions are used for a multitude of purposes including but not limited to: superior quality perfumes; scent branding; personal care products; candles and diffusers and fragrances for home products.

Given its popularity, our master perfumers are often asked how best to incorporate sandalwood into a product or product line for a wide variety of business segments.

The following represent of some of our most recently-designed sandalwood fragrances.

Sandalwood Fragrance Samples

Facial Skin Products

Blue Agave And Sea Salt

The endless majesty and allure of the ocean is captured in this fragrance, which unfolds with elements of fresh and fruity casaba melon, rich, and smooth apricot kernel and savory, marine sea salt. 

These aspects gently flow into a heart note brimming with tones of sugary, floral and jasmine-nuanced ylang ylang, dreamy passionate rose, robust and sensual moss, sultry, piquant clove and sugary, redolent and mellow blue agave. 

A base note characterized by facets of warm, creamy sandalwood, sensual musk and slightly sweet and floral nectar completes this memorable fragrance.

Room Spray Fragrances

Vanilla Flower Musk

This redolent, unforgettable fragrance streams with opening facets of honeyed, grape-like muscadine and green, slightly sugary and dense pear. 

These elements soon fade into a floral heart note bouquet featuring rich, creamy and intoxicating gardenia, haunting and intense jasmine and dreamy, musky rose. 

The scent completes with a base note that manifests delightful aspects of exotic, blushing vanilla blossom, slightly powdery, woody and creamy sandalwood, inviting cedar and earthy musk.

Lip Product Fragrances

Vanilla Orchid

A rush of aromatic and velvety peach, lush, sweet and milky coconut and sharp, tart black currant introduce this tropical scent. 

These elements soon drift into a heart note bouquet brimming with buttery, fruity and intense tiare flower, haunting night-blooming jasmine, green, fresh and bright water lily and floral, fruity and sweet wild orchid. 

A base note imbued with inviting, slightly dusty and creamy sandalwood, lavish, elegant vanilla bean and sensual musk complete this fragrance.

Woody Perfumes

Black Currant Tobacco

Rendering an appeal to freshness that makes it the ideal fragrance for a deodorant spray, this predominately masculine scent opens with a surge of spicy, sophisticated and luxurious bergamot, piquant and woody raspberry and tangy, fruity black currant. 

These aspects soon drift into an intense middle note marked by haunting, intoxicating jasmine and spicy, hot clove. 

The scent finishes with a base note featuring facets of slightly sugary, woody and mossy tobacco leaf, warm, creamy sandalwood, dark, musky patchouli, passionate, sensual musk and elegant, lush vanilla.

Diffuser Oil Fragrances


“Passionate and seductive, this luxurious blend, with it inclusion of papyrus, manifests another time and place dating back to the glory days of ancient Egypt and the banks and marshes of the Nile River where it grew in profusion.

This formulation combines elements of slightly sweet, spicy and woody cardamom oil, dry, earthy and leathery papyrus, and sensual earthy and passionate musk.”

Leather-Based Fragrances

Tonka Bean And Leather

Designed for the warmer months of the year, this citrus-based scent evokes images of sparkling clean linen and shimmering tropical sands. 

An opening rush of tart, grapefruit-infused pomelo, complex, fruity and aromatic bergamot and sour-sweet lemon shape the top notes of this alluring fragrance. 

These fleeting aspects soon drift into a perfumed floral heart note featuring facets of bright, bitter, neroli, fragile, warm and mellow muguet and heady, haunting jasmine. 

The scent completes with elements of milky, tropical coconut, creamy, somewhat sugary Tonka bean, smooth, soft and pungent leather, lightly mossy and sweet tobacco leaf, warm, buttery sandalwood, luxurious and elegant vanilla and rich, warm, and honeyed amber.

In conclusion

Sandalwood blends are the stuff of dreams that transport us to far away places that temporarily suspend the harsher aspects of our lives.

if you’re looking to add the warm, earthy touch of sandalwood into your product or product line, contact our teams today to see how we can translate your olfactory vision into a delightful, sweet smelling reality.

Final thought about sandalwood: Rock salt and bread by the doorstep to placate any resident gods. Sandalwood on our pillow, to sweeten our dreams. ~Joanne Harris

Originally created and published by Alpha Aromatics Inc., on December 15, 2021.
Copyright © 2021
Photo Credits: Pixabay and iStock

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