Why Do Ozonic Fragrances Have Such An Enduring Allure?

In this post, learn why ozonic fragrances, also referred to as marine, aquatic or oceanic fragrances, have such an enduring allure to perfume and scented product manufacturers.

The timeless mystery and allure of the sea has been a source of inspiration for poets, writers and artists from every corner of the globe since the beginning of time.

Humans remain small standing against the majesty of the sea and all the hidden wonders yet to be discovered under its briny depths.

Ozonic fragrances replicate the air, grandeur and eternal dominion of the sea over all living things, great and small.

The best way to understand their essence is to remember the synonym, ‘marine,’ which is always associated with them.

These fragrances conjure a kaleidoscope of images that can range from pristine beaches with glistening sands, sleepy, leafy lagoons and swaying palm trees to the feeling of being all alone and out in the heart of the deep, blue sea.

Ozonic Oceanic Fragrances

Some characteristics include adjectives such as: fresh, crisp, cool and clean. Ideal as summer fragrances, the level of freshness this type of perfume evokes is different from all others in the sense that its essence is ocean-inspired.

While they are used within a vast array of scented products, when applied to fine perfumes, they are mostly bottled in containers that are transparent and minimalistic.

Clove fine perfume formulations

The Nature of Ozonic Marine Fragrances

Unlike floral scents that have been worn since the world was young, the origins of marine fragrances date back only to the last century, and they were created by pharmaceutical researchers and not perfumers.

In 1951, chemists in a Pfizer laboratory developed a synthetic material known as calone, which is a chemical compound that was finally marketed in 1966 and patented in 1970.

Used to this day to replicate the aquatic notes of the sea, this substance is also known chemically as methybenzodiox.

This man-made amalgam contributes to a scent’s “marine” characteristics because it contains a formation that is similar to those found in the pheromones released by certain species of brown algae.

Brown Algae Sargassum

Calone is often used in conjunction with other synthetics, such as light tinges of cucumber or watermelon and floral facets like dreamy, musky rose and redolent white lily, which add some weight to ozonic fragrances.

The first marketed marine fragrance dates back to 1988 and Davidoff’s formulation, Cool Water. 

Scents in the marine/ozonic category are made mostly for men. Women’s perfume containing marine notes are rare, but two examples are: M by Mariah Carey and Eternity Aqua by Calvin Klein.

Davidoff Cool Water Ozonic Fragrance

Ozonic scents tend to remain longer on the skin.

Due to their simulated composition and their longevity once applied to the skin, in the past these perfumes often became cold and metallic, but modern versions, such as those formulated by our teams at Alpha Aromatics and aided by cutting-edge chemical advances, have addressed and solved this problem. 

Today’s marine fragrances are much less metallic, smell more natural, and are lighter in character. 

They are gentle yet alluring, and because they contain androgynous elements, they are now designed to cater to both sexes. 

According to Arnold Zlotnik, President, CEO and founder of Alpha Aromatics, “Ozonic fragrances are usually found within the dry out of base notes. This refers to the period of time when the true “body” of the perfume is revealed.”

These elements begin to appear within a few hours of application, and can sometimes last for up to a day. 

They are ideal for lovers of the cool, fresh essence of the ocean and feature other aromatic facets that are uniquely experienced at the beach, such as: salty sea spray and tinges of subtle, warm vanilla.

Oceanic Marine-Inspired Fragrances

Unlike many other perfumes that tend to evaporate easily during the warmer months of the year, ozonic fragrances are never overpowering and are always a gentle choice for everyday use, whether one is attending a formal party, job interview or just enjoying a fun day out with friends.

Advantages Of Oceanic Marine-Inspired Fragrances

Ocean water fragrances are calming, restorative and help to reset mental focus. They promote tranquility, comfort, clarity, a sense of peace and wellness.

Calming Ozonic Fragrances

During the last year, the impact of Covid 19 has left many of us feeing like we were under house arrest, being punished for a crime that no-one committed.

In all situations, the scents surrounding us can potentially tap into our subconscious and influence our moods, affecting us both physically and emotionally. 

Odors of all kinds are linked to the process of associative learning, which links one event to another based on past experiences and causes a conditioned response. 

The negative aspects of incessant containment indoors only serve to accentuate the need to commune with all the wonder and majesty of Mother Nature and the great outdoors.

A Few Of Our Recently-Designed Ozonic Fragrances

Preferred in personal care products and fragrances formulated for the warmer months of the year, the following scents are just a few examples of fragrances that contain ozonic, marine-inspired elements for various noted categories, which were recently designed by master perfumers.


WaterLily Jasmine

Fresh, peppery and butter-tinged watercress accompanied by aquatic facets mark the formidable opening notes of this predominately feminine fragrance.

A floral heart note bouquet soon follows featuring elements of intense, exotic jasmine, sunny and fresh water lily, dreamy and passionate rose and chalky, woody violet.

A base note of earthy, sensual musk and sun-dried, ozonic driftwood complete this scent.

Room Sprays

Calypso Pomelo Teak

Top notes of tropical pineapple, uplifting, sparkling grapefruit-nuanced pomelo and crunchy apple open this delightful Caribbean-inspired scent. 

These elements soon fade into a middle note comprised of creamy, sugary and slightly citrus-nuanced magnolia, light and bitter neroli, sensual, romantic rose and shimmering water lily. 

A base note featuring dark, rich, honey-like amber, earthy musk and marine, sun-dried driftwood finish this fragrance.

Unisex Fragrances

Sea Salt Pomelo

A complex fragrance invigorated by the endless allure of the ocean, opening notes burst with aspects of dry, piquant citron, sugary and fresh bergamot, sharp, clean pomelo and ozonic sea salt. 

A sweet-smelling heart note soon follows marked by woody, powdery violet, exotic and haunting jasmine and green, woody-tinged sea moss. 

A potent base note characterized by sun-baked driftwood, arousing musk and sugary, earthy ambergris finish this scent.

Sun-Tanning Products

Beach-Kissed Musk

This popular sun screen fragrance opens with a top note of succulent, exotic mandarin, fresh and sugary grapefruit peel and clean, sharp marine sea salt. 

A sweet-smelling middle note featuring intense and potent jasmine, untamed, sweet and provocative honeysuckle, and fragile, mild muquet ultimately fades into a finishing base note of rich amber, dark, warm vanilla musk and cracked, dry driftwood. 

Soap Products

Vanilla Orchid And Sandalwood

This lovely fragrance captures the ethos of ocean air enhanced by the addition of fresh and fruity casaba melon. 

These top notes soon meld into a floral heart note bouquet of lush vanilla, powdery orchid and creamy, sugary gardenia. 

The fragrance  completes with base note elements of marine-nuanced driftwood, warm, honey-like amber and buttery woody sandalwood.

Facial Skin Products

Blue Agave And Sea Salt

Galvanized by the timeless ebb and flow of the ocean, this fragrance opens with top notes of mild, sugary casaba melon, fruity apricot kernel and tangy sea salt. 

These facets stream into a heart note of floral, sugary ylang, dreamy, aromatic rose, sensual moss, piquant clove and redolent, rich blue agave. 

This memorable scent concludes with a base note brimming with facets of milky, velvety sandalwood, earthy, animalistic musk and slightly sweet nectar.

Classic Fragrances

Ocean Breeze

This alluring marine fragrance opens with a top note featuring touches of complex, citrusy and spicy bergamot and fresh, sour/sweet lemon. 

A middle note of green, ozonic elements soon follows and ultimately surrenders to a finishing base of earthy, musky sea moss.

Why Companies Turn To Alpha Aromatics For Fragrance Design

Our researchers and chemists at Alpha Aromatics have been producing fine perfumes for decades and our routes stretch as far back as the 1940s.

We are a family-run company and are are known for our accessible, adaptable and unparalleled ability to translate any company’s vision into fragrance terms that will attract and engage consumers.

Alpha Aromatics Leading Pefume Manufacturer

Our fine compositions have used for a multitude of purposes including but not limited to: superior quality perfumes; scent branding; personal care products; cleaning products; candles and diffusers and fragrances for home products.

Our 85,000-square-foot Technology Center located in suburban, Pittsburgh, lies at the heart of our constant state of innovation within the world of industrial science.

Our Vice president and Master Perfumer, Roger Howell and his team of chemists are always on top of industry trends and our laboratories are equipped with the best state-of-the-art tools that money can buy.

Master Perfumer Aromatics Perfumer

In conclusion

If you’re a company seeking to add a marine “feel” to a specific product or product line, whether it be any of the above-mentioned fragrances or a new oceanic creation, contact our teams at Alpha Aromatics today.

We’re here to help!

Final thought about ocean smells: The smell of the ocean never gets old. ~ Pinterest

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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