Fragrance Facilities Deemed Critical In War Against Covid 19

Founding father, writer, orator and acclaimed inventor, Benjamin Franklin, once said: We will all hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.

While he was referring to the vulnerability of a burgeoning republic at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, America today, as well as the rest of the world, faces a compelling and unexpected lethal threat. It comes not from governmental corruption or struggling supremacy among other nations, but rather from an unknown scourge impervious to containment so far by modern science.

We must find a way to come together to command a solid front against this encroaching Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic that threatens all of our lives. Never before has collaboration been more important than now, as we battle this deadly virus.

In the words of our founder and CEO, Arnold Zlotnik (pictured below): “We all need each other, especially right now. We are here for you; our company needs you; and the country needs us ALL to help with this crisis… We care about all of our employees, our customers, your livelihoods, and your families …  we are all in this together, and by working together we will overcome this and come back even stronger.”

Arnold Zlotnik Perfume Manufacturer

The United States Trade Association has determined that fragrance creation and development facilities should remain in full operation during this terrible global crisis. They have established that this industry is crucial to the American economy for a number of very important reasons.

For one, it is a source of tens of thousands of jobs, and for another, scent is an essential component in a vast array of the cleaning products so coveted in this time of crisis which include: hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, soaps, detergents, and surface cleaners. Fragrance and odor neutralizing additives help to eliminate unpleasant odors in cleaning and sanitizing products, which might otherwise discourage use.

People use these scented items every day both at home and in healthcare facilities, stores, schools, food processing plants, and many other industrial and commercial settings. In addition, scent also serves to disperse anxiety and lower stress levels, which are to be expected in such dire and perilous circumstances.

Our Commitment To Our Employees And Customers

With this call to arms by the United States Trade Association, Alpha Aromatics and all our subsidiaries are now considered essential businesses. This determination means that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has classified fragrance as a “specialty chemical” and that manufacturers…of cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting or sterilization supplies are considered part of the “Critical Infrastructure Sector.”

Sanitizing Products Fight Covid

According to Nielsen, U.S. hand-sanitizer sales were just below $200 million in 2019, which was a 4.5% decline from the previous year. The most recent data available shows the sale of U.S. hand-sanitizers were up more than 470% for just the one week that ended on March 7th.

As a leader within the fragrance industry, we are dedicated to helping others in this time of heightened apprehension and almost phobic concern for avoiding harmful, invisible pathogens.

Our enviro-friendly practices and production schedules guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the cleaning and sanitizing products we provide fragrances and odor neutralizers for, all of which are liberally used every day of the year to clean and disinfect homes, healthcare facilities, stores, schools, food processing plants, and a myriad of other industrial and commercial locations throughout the world. Across the personal-and home-care sectors, our staff and the powers-that-be behind Alpha Aromatics are currently going that extra mile to place disinfecting products in the hands of those in need.

Staff diligence is greatly appreciated, and our staff at Alpha Aromatics is as dedicated as any can ever be. Our laboratories remain open and our researchers will continue to work tirelessly using cutting edge tools to find ways to develop new and better odor neutralizing, antibacterial products that will help to circumvent the spread of infection.

Handwashing Hygiene Coronavirus

The Fragrance Creator’s Association

Farah Ahmed, President and CEO of the Fragrance Creators Association, has boldly proclaimed the organization’s intention of providing viable solutions to both prepare and protect the health of everyone and to lessen the burden imposed upon on the current public health system in a letter directed to all of its staff and member companies.

Ahmed also pledged to both raise public awareness that fragrance chemicals are critical to the production of cleaning and sanitizing products, which are vital to reducing the spread of COVID-19 and to find new ways to meet the sudden increase in consumer and retail demand for these products.

In her own words“In an act of true responsible corporate citizenship, fragrance houses and finished product manufactures have come together for public health. It is our duty as their association to work tirelessly, doing everything in our power to support their efforts to protect health and mitigate the burden on the United system…We stand together with federal, state, and local governments in the desire to meet this challenge, and are committed to ensuring that Americans continue to have access to essential health products that protect against the spread of COVID-19.”

We stand proud and determined to help all those companies in need of cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting or sterilization supplies. They demand and execute strict protocols in order to minimize the risk of infection by COVID-19. As such, all employees within our company and yours that are engaged in basic operations must comply with social distancing stipulations and adhere to all safety related instructions.

May the words of Benjamin Franklin ring through the ears of all concerned citizens. The only answer to effectively coping with and eventually eliminating this virus is to band together and strangle its life force. This can be accomplished using common sense, heightened hygiene practices and the continued production of the ingredients we manufacture and provide to the products of the world.

God bless all during this terrible ordeal.

Even with that, however, don’t forget that old Russian axiom: Believe in God, but keep rowing to shore.

Peace and good health to all.


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