The Top 10 Spring And Summer Fragrance Trends On The Horizon

Each season of the year has its own unique allure and is experienced at least in part by the scents associated with it. Whether we are surrounded by brisk winter pine, aromatic spring lavender or a meadow drenched in the perfume of summer wildflowers, seasonal scents determine the moods and memories that we associate with them.

Our highly skilled perfumers understand the power of fragrance and have been creating fine perfumes for decades. When it comes to the warmer months of the year, some fragrances have a tendency to burn off more quickly and not last long enough for the consumer’s preference and intended use.

With our knowledge of longer lasting fragrance formulations, we take into consideration the development of fragrances that capture the essence of summer and all of the nuances associated with renewal and floral splendor, but also provide longevity and nuanced specificity.

Scents That Remind Us Of Spring and Summer

Scents That Remind Of Spring

Spring is a time of rebirth and a reawakening of the senses from a long cold winter. Mother Nature is at her fragrant best during the warmer months of the year. While any scent, if powerful enough, can leave a lasting impression on our memories, those aromas that drift through soft summer breezes are the most prolific in terms of their diverse natural floral properties that promise sacred nectar to insect pollinators.

Summer fragrances occur naturally as the result of potent compounds comprised of special properties that captivate our senses and affect our emotions. These bouquets can run the gamut from sweet, tropical citrus to milky vanilla to woodsy-honey and everything in between.

Facts and Statistics About The Contemporary Perfume Industry

French explorers seeking new markets for the fur trade during the very early years of European settlement introduced the first colognes and scented waters to North Americans. These were mostly simple concoctions of natural products, such as lavender and citrus.

The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century transformed the fragrance industry by making it possible to manufacture perfumes more economically and within the purchasing power of the general public. Since then, the desire for fragrances has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry, and the sale of North American fragrances alone is expected to exceed US $7 billion by the year, 2020.

Chanel Number 5

According to the International Fragrance Association of North America, Asia and Europe combined make up the largest percentage of global perfume sales. Western Europe boasts a 28 percent share of the market while Asia comes in second with 24 percent. Ibis World indicates that North America accounts for approximately one-third of all global fragrance sales. South America, and Brazil in particular, are quickly catching up in the world perfume marketplace.

Mintel research states that sales in 2017 reached $5.1 billion, and their data suggests that 84 percent of Brazilians wear perfume on a daily basis. Euromonitor International, the world’s leading independent provider of strategic market research, has determined that more than one hundred new fragrances are launched worldwide each year.

A Global Leader In The Perfume Manufacturing Industry

We are a creator, manufacturer and supplier of custom fragrances for use in scented products and pride ourselves in being both a leader and pioneer within the perfume industry. Our compositions are used for superior quality fine perfumes, personal care products, candles & air care diffusers, fragrances for home cleaning products and our proprietary odor neutralizers for those that utilize the services of private label manufacturers, custom packaging companies and toll blenders (the specialty service of custom mixing a company’s unique formula into a final product).

Roger Howell, our Chief Perfumer is a master of detail and quality. His job, which he performs exquisitely, is to develop custom fragrances that both capture the essence of each season and reflect the company’s unblemished reputation for excellence.

In his own words: “We drive the scent trends that guide product branding for a wide range of clients in the personal care, household cleaning, and institutional industries. We have created innovative fragrances that remind you of the essence of those seasons. We know how important branding is for the continued growth of our clients’ product lines, and we pride ourselves on building scents that build great brands.”

Alpha Aromatics And Scent Branding

We are a prominent America-based manufacturer of fine fragrances that relies heavily on meticulous research to stay on top of industry trends. Over the course of the last two decades, scent branding, aka scent marketing, has become a phenomenon undertaken with careful precision and superior advertising strategy. It is not a quick solution, as building a brand requires careful thought and development and the patient coalition of professional promotion and scent creation skills.

Our experts at Alpha Aromatics know there is no substitute for experience and that it can take years to develop and perfect the skills required to create the perfect scent for any given company.

Did You Know These Interesting Facts About Perfume?

  • The first contemporary perfume was “Hungary Water” which was created in 1370 for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary. One of its ingredients was brandy and it was used as a face and hand wash; a rubbing alcohol and an alcoholic beverage.
  • In 1921, a perfume company known as Molinard released a fragrance called Habinita that was developed to scent cigarettes. The scent was placed in sachets that either fit inside a standard cigarette case or it could be applied directly to a cigarette in liquid form for a “delicious lasting aroma.”
  • It is said that in 1920, a famed French perfumer named Jean Charles, who created scents such as Miss Dior, insured his nose for one million dollars.
  • The smell of perfume can be maximized. The trick is in the spritz, so to speak. Instead of just spraying all over, just focus on certain areas of the body, or pulse points. This refers to spots on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. They radiate heat, which in turn aids the fragrance to radiate from the skin into the air. For the longest life of any perfume bottle, spray only on the inner wrists, back of the neck, behind earlobes and inner elbows.
  • Applying a little cream to pulse points before spraying perfume enhances the duration of the scent. This is because cream absorbs and holds the fragrance much longer than just spraying it directly onto the skin.
  • Last year, Beyoncé introduced a special edition fragrance, Heat Mrs. Carter, which sells for $60. To date, it is the best-selling celebrity fragrance of all time, gleaning more than $400 million globally.
  • The same scent can smell differently on any two individuals. This happens because human bodies and chemistry are unique and vary from person to person.

The Top Ten Trending Spring and Summer Fragrances

All of our fragrances that are designed for the warmer months of the year can be adapted for a myriad of industrial applications, including personal care products, candles and diffusers, organic and natural fine fragrances and more. They are all the result of intensive market study and client preferences. Some of their most popular natural and organic scents are indicated below.

Wild Thyme and Watercress

This lovely summer fragrance is as sultry as a tropical summer evening. It opens with a top note of green, sparkling lemon and mild, spicy bergamot which is followed by a fragrant floral heart of delicate white bud tea leaf, seductive and sweet, rich jasmine petal, and intoxicating gardenia, aromatic violet and herbaceous thyme. A woodsy clean, sweet white musk base note completes the fragrance.

Whild Thyme And Watercress Scent

Cottage Herb Garden

This green, floral essence transports the user to a cozy English cottage by a sparkling blue lake.  Here gentle summer winds bear charming notes of sweet, earthy, star anise, fresh basil, grassy parsley, aromatic wild flowers, fresh garden greens and a woodsy, sensual musk base note finish this complex aroma.

Aloe Blossom and Clover

This light, refreshing, clean, green scent is tinged with bright top notes of citrus and herbs that seem to murmur of balmy breezes and soft summer nights under a sapphire sky resplendent with stars. A green floral heart note follows comprised of seductive and sweetly rich night-blooming jasmine, fresh, sweet and slightly pungent coriander, after-the-rain dewy aloe and the fresh outdoor aroma of green clover.  Slightly woody, musky base notes complete the fragrance.

Pink Grapefruit and Sea Salt

Inspired by the mysterious allure of the sea, this powerful day scent is comprised of top notes that include: invigorating grapefruit, complex and distinctly green plantain and a cool, salty, playful ocean breeze that conjures flashing images of pristine, white beaches glistening in the tropical sun. This softly gives way to heart notes of pleasantly delicate and understated floral blossom and fresh mint. The scent finishes with a base note comprised of sun-dried and earthy driftwood.

Fragrant Notes Genoa Lemon

Blue Lotus and Moss

An ethereal and haunting scent with top notes of woodsy and floral qualities and the whisper of clean, fresh air floating over a leafy lagoon. Heart notes of aromatic night blooming jasmine, deep darkly green mosses that capture the elusive essence of the forest primeval in spring and early summer, and sweet, intoxicating Egyptian blue lotus, which was one of Cleopatra’s favorite scents. The fragrance finishes with a warm and sensual ambery-musky, cedar base-note.

Springwater Lily

This soft, soothing summer scent conjures images of sleepy lagoons and lacy palm fronds swaying in the sun-kissed shadows of a warm tropical evening. Opening notes sparkle with fresh dew followed by a bouquet of heart notes consisting of delicately floral jasmine, fresh and sweet lily-of-the-valley, earthy star anise and creamy shea flower. A woody, ambery, musky sandalwood and rich, velvety vanilla musk base completes the fragrance.

White Grapefruit

This fragrance is a tropical paradise blend bursting with top notes of invigorating citrus, piquant, floral and juicy blood orange, sharp tangerine, energizing orange, bitter grapefruit and sweet lime. Middle notes of waxy lily-of-the-valley and delicately musky rose lead to a base note of woody and earthy white musk.

Acai Berry and Muguet

Muguet is a French synonym for May’s flower, lily-of-the-valley. It symbolizes spring, fair weather and prosperity for future harvests. Top notes of tangy blood orange, fresh and juicy pineapple and uniquely succulent and luscious acai berry dominate this fragrance.  The heart of the scent is a middle note of sensual jasmine, sweet rose, lush, and creamy gardenia and aromatic lily–of-the-valley. The scent finishes with a subtle green, warm, woody, sensual base note of white musk.

Pear Blossom

Nuances of far away islands laden with lush gardens and dazzling blooms infuse this fruity floral fragrance with its top notes of lemony, litsea cubeba also known as May Chang, exotic pineapple, rich, creamy and sweet black coconut, green and fruity plantain and juicy pear.

Pear Blossom Fragrance

A floral heart follows comprised of sweet, exotic jasmine, aromatic and musky rose, light, clean and mysterious cyclamen, fresh and soft as a summer breeze linden blossom and orangey, slightly bitter neroli. The scent finishes with a smooth musky base note.

Wild Herb Apple

This summery scent is as warm and spicy as a summer mimosa cocktail, and it opens with a crisp clean top note consisting of freshly picked apple and aromatic wild herbs mingled with citrusy, tart, bergamot and a sweet, musky melon top note. The middle note is a journey through a deep green forest wet with rain and dense with colorful blooms, grasses and herbaceous, crown vetch, floral blossoms and wild herbs. The scent ends with a soft white musk and smooth, milky sandalwood dry down.

In Conclusion

Our perfumers know and respect the mysterious and delicate nature of perfume. Down through the ages scent has enhanced the lives of users and it remains to this day as only accessory we wear that is always present, and yet completely invisible with a language all its own.

If you’re a perfumery brand owner or manger, brand coordinator, purchasing manager or director, cosmetic scientist, packaging technologist, soap maker, skincare formulation development chemist or any other expert in the scented products industry, send us a message or call us today to create your next fragrance-enhanced product launch!

Final thought on fragrance: “If my life were a fragrance, it would smell like the sea. ~ Sanober Khan

This blog was created with the insight, research and approval of our chief perfumer, Roger Howell, our President, Arnold Zlotnik, and our key Alpha management and staff. Learn more about our company’s mission, our degreed perfumers as well as the unending passion we place behind our every fragrance creation.

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