The Luxurious Sensual Fragrance Of Tobacco In Perfumery

Our team explores the rich, warm, and comforting complexity of tobacco fragrance, the differences between tobacco essential oil and tobacco absolute oil and shares a few of our most-recently composed Tobacco fragrances.

Existing for centuries untold among indigenous populations, the use of tobacco in North America was first recorded by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to the New World.

He transported the plant back to Europe and the Spanish explorers who soon followed suit also noted the widespread use of tobacco and respect the natives held for its use in sacred and medicinal rituals.

Known as Nicotiana and referred to as the “holy herb” and “God’s Remedy,” it soon became the treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Highly prescribed by physicians, tobacco was considered a vital component of botanical medicine for more than three hundred years.

Tobacco Leaves

Over time and the accumulation of medical knowledge and research, tobacco fell out of medical favor during the mid 19th century.

It would be another one hundred years after that before the health hazards of smoking tobacco would come to light.

Tobacco is one of the most common non-food crops in the world, and its social and economic importance cannot be understated.

Its usage in mystical ceremonies down through the ages is well documented, but it is also blamed for more human deaths than any other herb on the planet.

Tobacco is also one of the most extensively researched natural products because of both its commercial significance and its affect on human health.

A 2009 Chinese study conducted by Jin Zhu indicated that 4,000 compounds have been identified in the leaf of various tobacco varieties and 6,000 in tobacco smoke alone.

The dried tobacco leaves are highly valued by master perfumers for their extraction as essential, oil, concrete, which is a thick waxy extract used to develop the king of tobacco fragrance oils, absolute, with its unique warm, sweet and smoky aroma.

Tobacco Essential Oil vs. Tobacco Absolute Oil

Essential oils are derived from plant materials while an absolute oil contains the essential oil plus a higher density of coloring, waxes and other compounds from the original plant.

Tobacco absolute oil originated in Bulgaria and is a brown, viscous liquid that is known for its thicker consistency, more potent scent and amber coloration. Essential oils are lighter in fragrance, color and density.

Extraction methods also differ. In the case of essential oils, the most common procedures involve water distillation, water and steam distillation, steam, maceration and enfleurage.

Tobacco absolute oil is derived from tobacco leaves via an alcohol based extraction. These dried leaves are used in diverse products including: cigars; cigarettes; pipe tobacco; chewing tobacco; water pipes and snuff.

Cigar Tobacco Fragrance

Tobacco Oil And Its Use Within Perfumery

For many, the fragrance of tobacco is akin to that of a deep cigar-like tobacco aroma.

Tobacco Absolute oil is primarily used in in formulations that require the whisper of masculine character.

Rich, deep and sensual, tobacco absolute oil is usually integral to a dry down that is tenacious, woody, mossy and sweet.

Its first appearance as major ingredient in perfume occurred in 1919 with the classic Caron formulation known as Tabac Blond, which was a unisex fragrance formulated by Ernest Daltroff and meant as a tribute to women’s up and coming liberation from Victorian mores.

Today, tobacco fragrance oil it is often found in ambery, woody blends, which can be difficult to simulate.

Amber Fragrances In Scented Products

It is very versatile and combines well with many facets including but not limited to: honeyed, dark amber; spicy, light bergamot; vanilla-nuanced balsam of Peru; dry cedar wood, hot, spicy clove, warm, fruity chamomile; sweet, aromatic clary sage; heady, floral Champaca; intense jasmine; dark, sensual patchouli; creamy sandalwood; soothing lavender; dreamy, musky rose; earthy, resinous frankincense; lush, elegant vanilla; creamy tuberose; green, earthy vetiver and coconut-like, creamy Tonka Bean.

The Benefits of Tobacco Absolute Oil

The benefits associated with tobacco absolute oil can only be achieved to their fullest capacity if the oil is original and 100% nicotine free.

The rich, inviting and sensual aroma is known to be very effective in eliminating chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, negativity and sadness. It uplifts mood, invokes joy and feelings of contentment.

Tobacco oil also has a reputation as a tried and true aphrodisiac and is known to improve lack of sexual desire, premature ejaculation and loss of libido.

This oil can also serve as an important aid for those struggling to give up cigarettes. Inhaling a few drops from each nostril reduces cravings over a period of 5 to 7 weeks.

Introduce The Scent Of Tobacco Into Your Product Line!

A creator and purveyor of fine perfumes since the late 1940s and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are a leader and pioneer within the perfume industry.

We manufacture a myriad of scent-related products ranging from fine fragrances, private label brands, personal care products, candles and diffuser oils to household cleaning items, industrial and institutional air fresheners and so much more.

Alpha Aromatics ISO 2019 Certification

Our state-of-the-art diffusion technologies and ambient air-care systems are the best found anywhere.

A Few Of Our Recently Composed Tabacco Fragrances

Black Currant Tobacco

This wild, robust and masculine fragrance flows with top notes bursting with facets of spicy, sugary and fresh bergamot, woody nuanced raspberry and fruity black currant.

These aspects soon drift seamlessly into a floral heart characterized by buttery, smooth gardenia, rich, intoxicating jasmine and fiery, hot clove.

A dry down featuring woody, slightly mossy tobacco, creamy sandalwood and dark, earthy patchouli complete this glorious scent.

Teakwood Tobacco

Head notes of this energizing fragrance stream with happy, uplifting grapefruit, succulent orange and marine facets.

A spicy heart note soon follows featuring rich, bright ginger and hot, piquant clove.

A dry down of rich, dark amber, bold, polished teakwood, sensual musk and leathery, somewhat sugary tobacco complete this compelling fragrance.

Tobacco Leaf Mandarin

Lush mandarin, spicy, complex bergamot and sour-sweet lemon-lime form the top notes of this aromatic, summery masculine scent.

These facets soon acquiesce into a middle note featuring green, musty dried herbs, fleshy, intensely fruity and sweet smelling South American flower, Osmanthus.

A woody dry down with elements of rich, honeyed amber, creamy and coconut-nuanced tonka bean, pungent leather and intense, whiskey-tinged and woody tobacco leaf finish this unforgettable scent.

In Conclusion

Think about how tobacco fragrance oil could improve your product or product line. It is incredibly versatile, and yet its possibilities are still somewhat unexplored. Call our teams today! We’re here to help.

Photo Credits: Pixabay

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