Creating Opulence in Your Brand

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If your brand is all about opulence, there are a great many things that you can do to create a look, feel, sensation, or scent that will carry and enforce your customers’ perceptions. Scent, in particular, is increasingly being used by a growing array of businesses to heighten their brand’s image and customer experience, whether it be in hospitality eninronment, retail environmets and more.

These companies and brands recognize that the feeling of opulence is supported through your senses. By way of example:

  • Sight. This is the most obvious indication of opulence and is the one that most people recognize right away. Your business could be a hotel, a vehicle, or a store, and while they are all very different, each can have certain elements that cause you to think of extravagance: size, color, materials, and more.
  • Taste. A full-bodied wine, caviar, and desserts made of quality ingredients are certain to be on the list of opulent foods that tempt the taste buds. Maybe you’ve been treated to a lavish banquet or have taken a tour of a winery that you’ve put on your list for next time because it’s unforgettable.
  • Touch. How something feels is an indication of style and taste. Luxury fabrics include silk, satin, leather, and cashmere, and can be used anywhere from upholstery to bedding, from curtains to wall hangings. Each time they are touched, people run the material through their fingers and think of sumptuousness, comfort, and style.
  • Sound. A Mozart symphony, waves breaking on the beach, or the music sung by a world-class choir will entrance an audience. Even when people don’t know what they are hearing, they know that the sound is special, maybe loud, maybe intimate, but always amazing.

Fragrances as the Style Maker.

Smell. An opulent fragrance evokes elegance and indulgence. Smell is directly wired to the part of the brain that produces emotions, which means that a particular scent can attach a sense of luxury to any item, anywhere, and at any price. While silks and satins will be expensive because of the quality of the materials, you can add a fragrance to your store, to shampoo, or to a candle, and create a stronger emotional response than is delivered with any of the other senses.

A scent can be subtle or breathtaking, lush or captivating. This kind of fragrance can be used to court customers, encourage purchases, or simply engage a person who is walking along. The fragrance experience can be used in large spaces, such as hotels or office building, but can also be enjoyed in more intimate areas.

As the leading manufacturer of fragrances used in every application, including personal care items, perfume, and fragrances both at home and away from home, Alpha Aromatics can help you create scents that will deliver opulence to your customers. Call or contact us today.

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