What Is Aromatherapy?

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The Power of Fragrances Developed from Essential Oils

Scents can evoke memories and create strong impressions. It’s not surprising that fragrance is now being used to enhance people’s moods and their health. As the popularity of aromatherapy and essential oils has exploded in the past few years, it’s not surprising to hear that this practice is used to boost the immune system, decrease anxiety, enhance one’s mood, and even improve sleep. These positive results have made aromatherapy a regular part of holistic care in many Asian and European countries.

Essential oils are created from plants, and they carry many of the regenerative properties of plants, including the fragrance. While these oils are within the plant, their scent helps to attract insects to carry out pollination. At the same time, they also protect the plant from unwanted insects and herbivores.

Once these highly concentrated oils are distilled from the different parts of the plants, they are then diluted through a kind of oil that allows the scent to remain on the skin once applied. In additional to topical application, these products can also be inhaled, diffused, and consumed. (Essential oils are usually very concentrated and quite strong.

Their natural properties are remarkable but don’t ingest or apply them without closely following their instructions. Some oils that are meant to be inhaled would irritate the skin, for example.)

Aromatherapy Services

Worldwide Aromatherapy Applications

Essential oils are used in a great deal of merchandise, including:

  • Hair Products. Shampoos and conditioners that use essential oils cleanse your hair while adding calming features.
  • Body Care. Smooth and protect your skin with hand and body lotions that have been developed especially to increase hydration.
  • Spa Products. Begin your day with an invigorating gel or scrub, or add some relaxing bath oils to the water in your tub before going to sleep.
  • Personal Care. Aromatherapy is often used in applications to bring a fresh scent to a room, clothes, or bed linens.

Consumers continue to buy natural and organic products, and the essential oil market is projected to reach nearly $12 billion worldwide in the next six years. Alpha Aromatics develops high-quality, distinctive fragrances used in beauty, personal care, and cosmetic products. Call or contact us today to learn more about our pure, certified fragrances used in the booming essential oils market.

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