Our Perfumers’ Picks Of The Top 8 Fragrance Industry Blogs

At Alpha Aromatics, we are undoubtably “fragrance people”, but to earn that title, we know we need to stay on the pulse and know everything that’s going on in the fragrance world—attending conferences, talking to our colleagues around the world, and visiting with others in the industry.

Our marketing, sales, and chief perfumers also read everything that they can about perfumes including news, reviews and more.

And within the past 15 years, a lot of information has been shared through fragrance blogs that are written by people who are just as passionate about scents — we’re a big fan of many of those blogs, and we love the ideas and information they share.

The Fragrant Notes Of Scents

While there are so many great fragrance blogs out there (ahem, ours included) we felt we should narrow our list to the Top 8 sites we follow to stay in touch, so you can see some of the blogs and writers we follow and find out why they’re on our radar.

We believe, the more educated a potential buyer is, the more likely they are to buy fragrances based on their particular needs, and the more pleased they will be with their purchase.

While buying perfume is a personal choice that has been about the in-person experience, there’s plenty of online help available.

Keep in mind, too, that the Millennial generation is much more likely to review blogs before making purchases, so more information is better for your potential customers—no matter their age.

Discover why perfume bottle design can be as important as scent design.

Perfume Bottle Design

Best All-Around Perfume and Scent Blogs

Bois de Jasmin isn’t only a perfume blog. It also explores other lifestyle topics including beauty, art, and food.

This blog’s author, journalist and photographer Victoria Frolova, has been authoring the blog since 2005, but has many more years of experience as a professionally trained perfume specialist and fragrance industry analyst.

Her interests are eclectic and may not specifically tie into the fragrance industry, but are interrelated.

Explore our guide to creating a fragrance brief for your fragrance line.

Visual Mood Board Fragrance Brief Creation

One week, she’ll explore building a fragrance wardrobe, and the next will offer product reviews, followed by a recipe. She also boasts a large following and counts the The New York Times, Women’s Wear Daily, and Vogue as fans.

Fragrantica is a massive website that’s arguably one of the premier perfumery sites available. The amount of information is culled from both online sources and contributions from Fragrantica’s print magazine.

The site talks about trends, making it valuable for perfumers and scent businesses. There’s information about perfumes both past and present, and user can discuss it all within the large online community. This is THE place to be if you love all things fragrance.

Explore how to add a private label fragrance to any type of brand.

Add Private Label Fragrance To Business

Best Vintage Perfume Blog

Yesterday’s Perfume is a treasure trove of information for those who love vintage fragrance. Anyone who has spent time as a child playing with their grandmother’s atomizers and spritzing herself with Chanel No. 5 is likely to be a fan of this blog.

The author has reviewed hundreds of perfumes, including older, 1920s scents like Arpege by Lanvin and Shalimar by Guerlain, but also those in later years, such as 1975’s Halston. Each review breaks down the scent to talk about top notes, heart notes, and base notes.

Best Scent Gift Blog

If you love ideas about the best scented gifts—especially for birthday presents or holiday gifts—then The Perfume Expert is your ace in the hole. Need to buy your girlfriend perfume?

This is the place to be. Want to update your mother’s scent palette by knowing what she likes now? Come on by.

While this site produces great perfume reviews, it also provides expert tips and has a “Perfume 101” section, which is perfect for beginners.

A step-by-step guide to launching a perfume line.

Alpha Aromatics Guide To Starting A Perfume Line

With articles that include topics like, “How to Pick Out Cologne,” “How to Shop for Perfume,” and “How to Find Your Signature Scent,” it’s possible to go from perfume novice to scent connoisseur just by setting aside some time to read this informative blog.

Best Outside-the-Box Scent Blogs

Ayala Moriel, who writes Ayala’s Smelly Blog, creates natural artisan perfumes.

She runs a small perfume business from her home and enjoys talking about the fragrances that come from flowers and fruits around the world, complete with pictures to describe not only the scents that she encounters, but her overall journey through her life.

Her reviews are in-depth, and she comments frequently on olfactory articles and natural perfumery.

She views perfume as part of a lifestyle choice that includes food, drink, entertainment, travel, and creative pursuits, ensuring that she blends in different elements to create interesting blogs with tons of information.

Indie Perfumes is all about handmade and microniche perfumes.

The author loves how innovative and imaginative new scents can be, and how there can be used to expand a perfume business’ brand, as well as the brand of the business’ customers.

How to build a brand using the power of fragrance.

natural synthetic fragrances

Best Perfume Sites for Beginners

If you want to start wearing cologne, but require some help, you should visit Cologne Masters.

They have a Cologne 101 Beginners sections, a Getting Started Guide, and even an article on How to Wear Cologne.

There’s also some aesthetics included, such as the article, “The Top Coolest Looking Fragrance Bottles.”

This site has thought of everything, and it’s also a great resource for people who want to buy a friend or family member a fragrance, but don’t know where to begin.

What’s the difference between Eau de Cologne, Eau Fraiche & Eau de Toilette?

Understanding fragrances and perfume creation

After perusing this site, you’ll never be afraid to pick out a cologne again.

If you’re looking for a particular perfume or scent based on your love of floral or sandalwood, then Perfume Posse’s award-winning blog is for you.

They’re also involved with perfume education, so you’ll see things like “How to Find Perfume Samples,” or a primer on how to decant your own perfume, plus some more advanced topics.

This blog has been featured in the Fashion and Style section fo the New York Times’ and Daily Mail Online.

In Conclusion

Our Alpha Aromatics team feel these fragrance blogs personify the best of scent reviews, news, and trends in our industry.  Read them, enjoy them and above all learn from them!

And if you’re looking to add a unique scent to any type of product, our experienced perfumers at Alpha Aromatics can help. If you’re a manufacturer, R&D technician, a product development scientist, purchasing director, formulator, brand owner or purchaser producing room sprays or looking to step into that market, call our teams today and let us create the perfect room spray fragrance line to suit your particular needs!

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