Alpha Aromatics Vice President Featured in Leading Cosmetics Magazine

Roger Howell, Vice President of U.S. fragrance manufacturer Alpha Aromatics, recently contributed an article to NutraCos Cosmetics magazine. The article, entitled “Five Questions to Ask When Creating a Custom Fragrance for Your Personal Care Brand,” discusses the importance of knowing your customer demographics so that companies can create scented products in what has become a billion-dollar industry.

In this article, Mr. Howell discusses the impact that a thoughtfully produced scent can generate for your company, brand, or product: “The scent that you choose for your product is a crucial part of what makes a product desirable . . . . I help [companies] discover what fragrance will be most attractive to their current and potential customers,” he writes.

As the Vice President of Alpha Aromatics in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mr. Howell has worked in the fragrance industry for 36 years as a Chief Perfumer and fragrance chemist. He has developed custom fragrances for some of the most popular and iconic brands in the world. As the world-wide personal care market continues to expand and the amount of discretionary income surges in many regions, including the Asian mega-market, he and his team at Alpha Aromatics continue to produce high-quality fragrances for dozens of personal care applications.

NutraCos Cosmetics is an international magazine that distributes more than 5,000 hard copies of its tri-annual publication throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada. Additionally, more than 12,000 copies are emailed to cosmetics professionals around the world. The magazine features stories on cosmetic ingredients, personal, hair, and skin care and cosmeceuticals.

About Alpha Aromatics

Alpha Aromatics is a leading creator and provider of custom fragrances for scented products throughout the world. Alpha Aromatics fragrances are an essential ingredient in many fine perfumes and well-known consumer product brands, including personal care products, candles and diffusers, home care fragrances, and industrial and institutional products. To find out more, visit

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