What is Fragrance?

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From candles and diffusers, to perfume and scented lotions, to deodorant and more, fragrance is used in a wide variety of items we encounter daily. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, there are over 5,000 chemical fragrances being used in some combination by today’s consumers. But what is this thing called fragrance, exactly? As a leading fragrance company, our Alpha Aromatics team is here to enlighten you and your senses.

The Chemistry of Fragrance

Fragrances, whether for adding a fresh scent or covering up a nasty odor, are unique and interesting concoctions. Aromatic chemicals, as with essential oils, are combined and used to add complimentary scents to existing products, such as in cosmetics, toys, garbage bags and cleaning supplies, or for fragrance use on their own as perfume or cologne.

Look Out for Unscented versus Fragrance-Free

Believe it or not, there is a difference between scented and fragrance-free. Although unscented products are formulated to have no smell, it doesn’t mean the ingredients used do not have an odor. Something may be labeled as fragrance-free if no oils or other extracts were specifically used to yield a scent, but that does not make it odorless. Read ingredient labels to be sure of what is exactly going into the product you may soon smell like.

Associated Issues

There are a few issues that have been associated with fragrance use, such as mild skin irritation and contact dermatitis, which is on the rise. This is why, at Alpha Aromatics, we emphasize the use of our quality ingredients to decrease the chance of such reactions occurring. Our products provide only the best, long-lasting scents around.

At Alpha Aromatics, we take pride in creating customized fragrances from essential oils and natural ingredients. As dedicated fragrance professionals, we bring the most captivating, meaningful and desirable scents to life. Contact us today for more information on fragrance itself and which scents may be best for you!

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