Building a Brand Using Fragrance

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Scent Marketing & Sensory Branding

When marketing professionals think of building a brand, they consider how to: 1) Target their customer base, 2) Design appropriate digital communications, 3) Create brand loyalty, and 4) Set pricing. These are all necessary steps. However, if you’re building a brand, you’ll want to reach all the senses—sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Smell? Yes. Your sense of smell is powerful, linking people to very specific memories and emotions.

In the fragrance and personal care markets, smell is of course very important. However, it’s also an integral part of branding for other areas, including homes, hotels, and retail spaces.

Why Do Companies Use Scents to Cement Their Brands?

  • They’re familiar. Everyone recognizes Chanel No. 5’s packaging, but the real draw is the fragrance. It’s been around for generations, is synonymous with class and style, and is still considered to be a modern fragrance, which is remarkable for a scent that has been around for nearly 100 years.
  • They’re used to create a sense of belonging. When you walk into a hotel chain anywhere throughout the world, you’ll probably see staff dressed in the same uniforms whether you’re in Tokyo or Tallahassee, and the furnishings in the lobby and the rooms will be similar, too. But you may notice that these areas smell the same, regardless of location. How do they do that? They are likely using standard or custom industrial fragrances, including air fresheners. It’s another way of saying, “Welcome back. We’re glad you’re here,” and it’s amazingly effective.
  • They use memories to satisfy customers. If you use a particular laundry detergent, have you ever thought why you buy it? Ask anyone why they choose the laundry detergent that they use, and chances are many will say, “It’s the scent that I grew up with.” Remember back to when you used to sit around the family table for Sunday dinner. You probably are focusing on the memory of your family or the conversation, but a part of your brain is reveling in the smell of the house, of the dinner cooking, of the perfume that your grandma was wearing. That’s the emotion of belonging.

The Sense of Smell is that Important.

A studied approach to scent can even override other senses. A carefully-produced scent can faithfully guide many customer decisions, and if a well-packaged item includes not only a strong visual but also an agreeable smell, that brand will attract a targeted customer base.

Alpha Aromatics is a leading global manufacturer of fragrance for any application: fine fragrance, personal care, home, and away from home, to name a few. We’ve working with customers all over the world to create, build, and strengthen their brands through the power of scent. Contact us today to learn more.

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