Layering Fragrances, the Right Way

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When you are trying to find the perfect blend of layered fragrance there are a few things to keep in mind for achieving the best results. Knowing when that first layer of fragrance begins and what to layer with, for instance, is not as obvious as it may seem. Alpha Aromatics is here to give you a few points to keep in mind when layering fragrances, to ensure that your senses are nothing but satisfied.

Think About Both the Number of Sprays & Lathers

Layering fragrances starts much before you begin spraying perfumes; it begins in the shower. You may be thinking about which fragrance to spray first, but you already have a baseline scent established from your body wash, shampoo, etc. … This affects which fragrance notes to proceed with. And since everyone’s body chemistry is different, also remember that the number of necessary sprays needed will vary too from person to person too.

Blend Single Note Fragrances, In Order

When layering, it is best to only use single note fragrances. Single notes from similar families blend much better than clusters of random scents. This also enables you to better control the resulting fragrance. For instance, a single note of vanilla goes well overtop a single note of gardenia. Layering can also be subtle, but always spray the stronger fragrance note first so that it neither overpowers nor hinders the other, lighter fragrances.

Know which Scents Compliment & Clash Each Other

Though possible, it it not very appealing to layer nutmeg and flowers. Clashing odor is not something anyone desires, but it is good to know which scents pair well and scents simply repel. Oriental, green and floral fragrances pair well together. Yet other earthier and spicy notes—such as nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and similar—settle favorably together.

Alpha Aromatics is Pittsburgh’s Best Scent & Fragrance Supplier

From personal care fragrances to odor neutralizers, and more, Alpha Aromatics has all of the scent and fragrance supplies that you need to appease your senses. Call (412) 252-1012 or visit 294 Alpha Drive in Pittsburgh today for more information. You can also log-on to the Alpha Aromatics Facebook page for instant updates. Let your nose the way of delight to Alpha Aromatics.

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