What Women Want in Personal Care Products

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Women’s preferences in personal care products have evolved over the past 20 years as ingredients have come under scrutiny and the internet has transformed the national and global marketplace. The personal care product experience has changed, and women’s preferences have changed along with it.

Today, when it comes to personal care products, womehome fragrancesn want to:

  • Test products that they’ve seen advertised. Whether women see products in a magazine, online, or on TV, they are much more likely to buy once they have been able to test makeup, perfume, or lotion. It’s common for buyers to first come in contact with a product, read about it, and look at reviews before going to a store, trying it, and purchasing it. If they like the product, then they may buy it online after that, but they’re looking for an actual trial first.
  • Hear other’s opinions. Online retailers, social media, and video streaming capabilities have created a new channel of communication for personal care products. It’s now much easier to target women through “influencers” who are considered to be the champions for cosmetics, hair care, and body care products. They report on the packaging, the ingredients, the scent, the proper use, and the results, and many of them have thousands of followers online. A great review by a trusted influencer can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of purchases in a short period of time.
  • Read the ingredient list and see natural products. From skin care, to hair care, to bath products, female consumers are knowledgeable about what they are putting on their body, and want “natural” options without harmful ingredients and are just as effective as synthetic selections that they’ve used over the years.
  • Experience global products. The internet has shown women what products are used around the world, and in the past few years, these products have become more mainstream. The brands that were once only available for purchase when visiting Europe or Asia are now being packaged and sold in U.S. department stores.


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