Chief Perfumer Roger Howell Featured In Career Profile Piece

Roger Howell, Vice President of U.S. fragrance manufacturer Alpha Aromatics, was recently profiled on the company’s website and in the company’s social media platforms.

The piece focuses on his extensive career as a perfumer, and how his career path brought him to Pittsburgh to work as Alpha Aromatics’ chief perfumer and Vice President. His story begins by walking into the wrong building to find a job, but his serendipitous mistake leads to a profession that has taken him all over the world.

Throughout his 37-year tenure as a scent specialist, Howell has worked for companies around the United States. As a senior perfumer, he built several perfuming departments from the ground up, handling all aspects of employee training, scent composition and quality, and regulatory matters.

Roger Howell Alpha Aromatics Master Perfumer

As Chief Perfumer, Howell has worked to increase Alpha Aromatic’s market share for industrial, personal care, and candle and diffuser merchandising. Howell’s expertise has been profiled in industry magazines, including NutraCos Cosmetics, and he has penned articles on how to create custom fragrances for personal care brands. He serves as a board member for the American Society of Perfumers and is an active member of the World Perfumery Congress.

“Roger is an incredibly talented perfumer, and his scent compositions are one of reasons why Alpha Aromatics is a leading fragrance manufacturer that is admired worldwide. His aptitude allows him to create compelling scents for clients in the personal care, home, away from home, candles, organic, fine fragrance, and odor neutralizer markets. As Alpha Aromatics’ Vice President, he is also heavily involved in fragrance education and client communication. There are very few perfumers who have the knowledge he does and who work with clients every day,” said Alpha Aromatics VP of Business Development Raymond Czapko.

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